Sunday, October 12, 2014


This post almost didn’t happen.
I’m exhausted and out of town. I just helped my parents downsize and move from their home of 15 years. How do we all collect so much stuff even when we don’t intend to? And why is moving so hard?! {Needless to say, I won’t be shopping any time soon.}
Simultaneously, our own home is for sale and we’re trying to get ready to move with a 16-month-old. This is no small feat, keeping every nook immaculate and ready at a moment’s notice. Living through all the showings and open houses isn’t living. It’s only been a few weeks but I’m ready for this part to be over. We are being obedient and hopeful.
What’s taking the air out of my balloon is the waiting and perseverance required for our family’s next step. We’ve made an offer on our dream. Again. There are too many stories to share of deals gone bad, people letting us down, and all the waiting to know what God has in store for us. This part of our journey has lasted three years but has intensified over the last few weeks.
My life is a little hectic and I find myself holding my breath all the time. To be honest it’s a culmination of dreams, prayers, nerves and fears, and anticipation for how the rest of His story for us will read. We will know more this week if we get to start living this dream. I’m excited to start sharing with you about our God-led adventure.
So, I’m taking a deep breath and writing a note to myself that you can read if you want. This is a reminder I need right now. Maybe you do, too?
Blessed is the person who perseveres under trial,
because when you have stood the test, you will receive the crown of life
that God has promised to those who love Him
James 1:12
I read this verse and think of the Christians who are enduring great trials and persecution. The life and death kind. I quickly trivialize my situation, whatever it might be, and convince myself my stuff doesn’t matter. But it does. No matter the size or how I view the importance, every situation matters in God’s plan.
I’ve been thinking about Daniel the last few days. He prayed for 21 days in anguish waiting on the Lord’s reply. God could have answered Daniel in any way He wanted. But He chose to send an angel to reveal His truth to Daniel.
Gabriel had to fight the enemy to get the message to Daniel . . . for 21 days. Both human and angel had to persevere mightily. I can only imagine how encouraged Daniel was by an angel delivering such a powerful and difficult message about Israel’s future! I encourage you to read Daniel 10 in its entirety. So moving.
I love what Gabriel says to Daniel:
“Don’t be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day you began to pray for understanding
and to humble yourself before your God, your request has been heard in heaven.
I have come to answer your prayer.”
Daniel 10:12
Wisdom and humble adoration before God was the key. Daniel didn’t let up. Daniel didn’t throw in the prayer towel after a few days because heaven was quiet. Daniel didn’t expect the Lord to only answer in the ways he was accustomed to. Daniel clung to the Lord and held on for dear life knowing God would answer sooner or later.
“Don’t be afraid. For you are very precious to God.
Peace! Be encouraged! Be strong!”
Daniel 10:19
It seems God really doesn’t want us to be afraid since most angelic messengers start their sentence with, “Don’t be afraid!”
I need to not be fearful this God-sized dream won’t come true. God created it, planted it in my heart, developed the passion in me to see it through, and He will make it come to pass in His timing, in His way.
I can have peace. And because of His peace, I can be encouraged and strong.
I pray I’ll be like Daniel and hold on for God’s timing of His God-sized dream. I pray I’ll have peace in my circumstances and persevere with courage and strength. I pray I will wait on His best and only the answers He can orchestrate. I pray I will look for His answer in all the miracles He sends, even the appearance of an angel.
I pray whatever situation you’re facing today God will finally answer your prayers and you will know how precious you are to Him.

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