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Missouri, a non-judicial foreclosure state.

Make no mistake, in the State of Missouri when a foreclosure sale is cried on the courthouse steps your house will be gone. Do not ignore the letters from the mortgage company or the certified letters from attorneys. You only have the following options to stop a foreclosure: 1) Sell the property, 2) Bring the account current, 3) Redeem the property under the guidelines of Missouri Law, or 4) File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy which in turn will give you up to 60 months to bring the account current and regain financial control.

For the majority of homes in the State of Missouri a mortgage company may proceed with a foreclosure proceeding without going to court. The only time a mortgage company in the State of Missouri would foreclose in court is when the mortgage or deed of trust does not provide the lender with the “right to sell” when the borrower defaults or there is some other defect in the loan paperwork. This is very rare. Normally you only see a judge when you are being evicted and your house is already sold out from under you.

A borrower defaults on a mortgage when they breach the contract. A breach of contract could be when you stop paying on the account or when you fail to provide insurance on the property or when you fail to pay taxes related to the property. Generally the mortgage company will try and work with you. They will call and send letters requesting that you either bring the account current if you are behind, or that you need to purchase insurance, or you need to pay the taxes related to the home. If you don’t correct the default you will then receive a “Notice of Default and Right to Cure” letter which gives you thirty (30) days to correct the default.

When you receive that “Notice of Default” will depend on the mortgage company. I have seen some debtors go six to eight months without a “Notice of Default” and then I have seen the Notice issued after the debtor has been two months late. Missouri Revised Statute 408.554 provides the when and how notice may be given in the case of default. Be aware in the State of Missouri you only need to be ten (10) days late before the mortgage company begins the foreclosure proceedings. After the “Notice of Default” and if the debtor does not respond the next document you will receive is the “Notice of sale.”

A Notice of Sale within the State of Missouri must be published in a newspaper where the property is located. The notice required by section 443.310 shall set forth the date and book and page of the record of such mortgages or deeds of trust, the grantors, the time, terms and place of sale, and a description of the property to be sold, and shall be given by advertisement, inserted for at least twenty times, and continued to the day of the sale, in some daily newspaper, in counties having cities of fifty thousand inhabitants or more, and in all other counties such notice shall be given by advertisement in some weekly newspaper published in such county for four successive issues, the last insertion to be not more than one week prior to the day of sale, or in some daily, triweekly or semiweekly paper published in such county at least once a week for four successive weeks. Such notice shall appear on the same day of each week, the last insertion to be not more than one week prior to the day of sale, and if there be no newspaper published in such county or city, such notice shall be published in the nearest newspaper thereto in this state. Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize the giving of any shorter notice than that required by such mortgage or deed of trust. Where the property to be sold lies wholly or in part within the corporate limits of any city having or that may hereafter have a population of fifty thousand inhabitants or more, then the notice provided for in this section shall be published in a daily newspaper in such city and where the property to be sold lies wholly or in part within the corporate limits of a city extending into two or more counties, then the notice provided for in this section shall be published in some newspaper published in the county in which the property lies, in the manner provided in this section for publication in such county, even though such property may lie in a city having a population of fifty thousand inhabitants or more. Where the property to be sold is located in more than one county, the notices required in this section shall be published in each county in which a part of the property is located. Other provisions of this section to the contrary notwithstanding, in any county of the first class not having a charter form of government and containing a portion of a city with a population over three hundred fifty thousand and in any county of the second class containing a portion of a city with a population over three hundred fifty thousand, the notice requirements of section 443.310 and this section may be met by advertisement in some weekly newspaper published in such counties for four successive issues, the last insertion to be not more than one week prior to the date of the sale.

The deed of trust will outline when and where the sale will take place. The sale is usually at the county courthouse on the steps between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. There is no formal gathering on the courthouse steps but rather an employee of the law firm will read the sale notice at the appointed time. Once he or she finishes the reading of the legal notice the property immediately transfers to the buyer. If the sale is postponed for more than seven days, the trustee must resend and republish the notice.

You have the right to redeem your property under Missouri law in order to protect your property. However, be aware redemption in the State of Missouri is a very strict procedure and therefore vary rarely occurs. Borrowers only have redemption rights if the buyer at the sale was the lender, but not if the buyer was anyone else. You must give advance notice of your intent, either at the sale or 10 days prior to the sale. Second, you must post a bond within 20 days after the sale, which provides an amount equal to the following: the mortgage interest, any secondary loan interest, and taxes that will accrue for one year after the sale; foreclosure expenses; legal fees; damages; plus 6 percent interest. If you are able to meet these requirements then you can redeem the property within one year by paying off the amount owed plus any fees.

To contact an attorney in your area to discuss your options click here.

Written by Rachel Lynn Foley.

Are there any class-action law suits against mortgage companies that I can get involved with? - Class Action -

Are there any class-action law suits against mortgage companies that I can get involved with? - Class Action -

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    • Treasury released the monthly mortgage servicers participation in the Home Affordable Modification Plan statistics. The data shows significant improvement over the last few months:
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The Obama housing plan sets aside the $75 billion to help "responsible" homeowners avoid foreclosure. Who will these money help? In general, homeowners that are struggling (or are likely to struggle in the near future) to make their mortgage payments either because of a change in their situation (e.g. loss of income), or because the terms of their mortgages called for much higher monthly payments after an introductory period, as it was rather common in the sub-prime mortgage market. Go to "Mortgage Modification Plan" for more details on the plan and its qualification requirements.

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The government estimates that approximately 50% of all homeowners eligible for the housing plan's mortgage modification program have second liens (1 to 1.5 million). By introducing incentives to modify those loans, the program is expected to help those homeowners reduce their payments even further, and to improve the chances that the mortgage modification program would work. Go to "Home Equity Loan Modification" for more details.

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The Obama housing plan is providing $100 billion in capital to Fannie and Freddie each through the Treasury, in the form of preferred stock. Furthermore, the portfolio size of the two GSE's (Government Sponsored Enterprise aka Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae) will be increased by $50 billion to $900 billion. In addition, the Federal Reserve has committed to buying $300 billion in long-dated treasury securities with the intent of keeping interest rates low - an effort that is succeeding.

Homebuyer Tax Incentive

It is worth pointing out that the stimulus plan (the ARRA) also provide its own housing plan incentive in the form of a $8,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers. In November 2009, a $6,500 tax credit was extended to existing homeowners as well. The tax incentives expire on June 2010, but a binding purchase agreement needs to have been signed by April 30, 2010. To enable homebuyers to have rapid acces to the tax credit, the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) makes the $8,000 available immediately to home buyers to be used as down-payment for the purchase of a home with loans backed by the agency. The money would come from short-term loans provided by approved lenders, and state and local governments, and will be repaid once the buyer receives the tax-credit from the federal government. Check the "Homebuyer Tax Incentive" page for more details.


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First Horizon National Corporation's Contact Information

Address:4000 Horizon Way
Irving TX 75063

Reader Comments & Ratings

Average Rating: starhalf starno starno starno star (1.8/5)

starno starno starno starno star by Roxanne Hoover From Waynesboro, PA on December 17, 2009

CLASS ACTION SUIT!!! I will be contacting an attorney tomorrow who specializes in this field to inquire about a class action suit. If you have a mortgage through FH and would be interested in starting a suit e-mail me at This company needs to be held accountable. I applied for a modification in March 2009 and had to send paperwork three times to no avail. Was told they were reviewing my application numerous times from April to August. Then received a foreclosure notification. Called about it and was told my application was turned down because they never received my modification package. Yet in May they sent me a letter stating they received my info and would contact me when they had reviewed my info. Sent paper work yet again with no answer to date.

starno starno starno starno star by Unhappy First Horizon Customer From Sacramento, CA on December 13, 2009

Everyone please just accept it the fact First Horizon does not care and they are too big to fail. It is sad but everyone that works at First Horizon either don't care or are under a lot of pressure. I almost lost my home, First Horizon told me they are not out their to save the World.

starstarstarstarno star by Teresa Matthews From Hartford, KS on December 06, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From New Bloomfield, MO on December 03, 2009

Toni - I called my local HUD office and they sent me to a company that helps me with all the paperwork and makes sure my mortgage company has it - they are kind of like a go between. One thing I did learn from the workshop I went to yesterday is to make sure which department you are working with. Make sure you are talking to Loss Mitigation department - I thought for a year that was who I was talking to and found out that I was only talking to Loss Mitigation Counselors - they WILL NOT read their notes to find out what is really going on - they are only allowed so many minutes to talk to each customer - their policy is to get people off the phone as quickly as possible! Good luck with it all - I am on my last straw and hoping this company (HUD sent me to them) will be my salvation!

starno starno starno starno star by Toni From San Francisco, CA on December 01, 2009

I have requested a modification from First Horizon January 2009 and they used stalling tactics and now I'm told that I need to start paying or they will begin foreclosure proceedings. Stalling tactics include telling me that i'm missing paperwork, and then when I resend, saying they have it and will review, when I call back, they say I haven't sent them. This has gone on for months. Help, is anyone out there successful?

starno starno starno starno star by Kathy From New Bloomfield, MO on November 24, 2009

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! I was laid off and have been working with Met Life for 1 year on the special forbearance plan - and Maria Torres is supposed to be taking care of it - she has NEVER returned my many messages - so - I have been denied for 1 of 3 reasons (been given all 3 so far) 1 - not communicating with Met Life (BS-logged every call) 2 - Not providing requested information (BS how can I know what they need when they don't communicate with me and tell me that they don't need anything, it's still in review) and finally (my favorite) NOT RETURNING MARIA TORRES CALLS! THIS IS WHY WE ARE IN THIS HOUSING CRISIS PEOPLE!!!!! These mortgage companies don't give a CRAP about us, the people that work there are untrained and rude!!! They don't have any idea what programs are out there (Chris at Met Life let me know this) and they are only given so many minutes to talk to each customer, therefore they don't go through the notes they have to give us correct information. I think we should band together and begin a class action suit - or if we can bring this terrible situation to the media - maybe we can save some homes - doubt I will be able to keep mine and don't know where me, my daughter and my 2 young grandsons will go. I have been contacting every Government office that I can think of and contacting every media group as well! DON'T GIVE UP - KEEP CALLING - CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN - CONTACT YOUR NEWSPAPER - CONTACT YOUR LOCAL TV NEWS - CONTACT THE HEAD OF HUD - HELP ME BRING THIS TO AN END - WE HAVE TOO MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT ARE HOMELESS BECAUSE OF MORTGAGE COMPANIES LIKE THIS! My personal e-mail is - e-mail me and lets put our heads together to stop this injustice - please put HOUSING CRISIS in the subject line - GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE - Kathy

starno starno starno starno star by wp From Bozeman, MT on November 16, 2009

I MAY HAVE SOME HELP FOR YOU KEEP READING -Worst- I called in for TWO MONTHS and couldn't get anyone to answer any phone line. I'm trying to work with them on Loan Mod, (they sold to Green Tree) - they are even worse. MAKE SURE TO FORCE THEM TO PRODUCE THE PROMISSORY NOTE THAT YOU SIGNED_(GOOGLE 'PRODUCE THE NOTE' AND FOR $300 HAVE A FORENSIC AUDIT DONE ON YOUR MORTGAGE....YOU JUST MIGHT SAVE YOUR HOME

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Kearneysville, WV on November 15, 2009

The more I read, the more that I realize nothing is going to stop my foreclosure. I sent in my modification packet, and it was denied because of missing financials. However, I had made a copy of them, and I know for a fact they were sent. I've tried to refax them and there number is always busy. I will my copy this week, but I did miscopy the top of one page and something is missing, so it's probably no use. These guys need to get a better program and try to help people!

starstarstarstarno star by Shawn Mann From Portsmouth, VA on November 09, 2009

starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Redmond, OR on November 05, 2009

We turned in paperwork for a loan modification in August. We have used all of our savings to make our house payment. I finally called to let them know this would be our last payment and when would we receive word about the modification. I was informed I need to fill out additional paperwork and resend everything resulting in a 60-90 day delay. I was thinking if I actually missed a payment maybe they would move us up the priority list but it sounds like that tactic does not work with this company! I have little faith in this company after reading all of the previous comments. Aaaagh.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Auburn, CA on November 02, 2009

They received 866 million dollars from the feds but refuse to issue loan modification. Worst of the worst.

starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Washington, DC on October 29, 2009

Would not talk about options, only said fill out paperwork. No one to meet with to discuss.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Stafford, VA on October 15, 2009

starstarstarstarno star by stephen muraya From Las Vegas, NV on October 13, 2009

If i can manage to get her out of the morgage and title, i wont mind keeping the house.

starno starno starno starno star by Evansville, Indiana From Newburgh, IN on September 26, 2009

Everyone is having a "NIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE" dealing with First Horizon company. I have NEVER heard of anyone refusing to take money to put towards the loan. So your behind - you would think they would WANT at least a payment! I think an investigation by the Federal Government NEEDS to be conducted. SOMEONE in this company is CROOKED and giving the shaft to a lot of people. Do they need an engraved letter in gold from Washington about our economy and HARD WORKING CITIZENS LOSING OUR JOBS??? We are having trouble with this company and there is no one out there to listen or help!! What kind of a country are we turning into?? Did they get Stimulus Money from the Government?

starstarstarno starno star by Lisa Rushing From Charlotte, NC on September 15, 2009

Has been slow getting back to us on workout package. Scared that we may lose our home.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Peabody, MA on September 15, 2009

Maria Torres is the worst person to deal with and never returns calls. I am going to lose my house because I was laid off and have no where for me and my 3 kids to go. HELP ME!!!

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous (DEP) From Charlotte, NC on September 08, 2009

F = Customer Services F = Customer Satisfaction F = Quality Product F = Management F = Business Model F = Management F = Intellect/Intelligence A+ = Bullcrap Artist A+ = Crooks I'm totally and utterly repulsed by First Horizon for a number of reasons. I've contacted this company on several occasions with no return call, long wait periods (exceeding more than 20 mins on hold - and yes I have my phone records to prove it), the customer service representatives are as incompetent as a 3 year old. Representatives for the company have postured themselves as if they are immune and a power of authority, with their 10th grade education repeating a scripted jargon, without regards to people or their situation RUDE, IGNORANT, & OBNOXIOUSLLY PATHETIC. I lost my job at no fault of my own, and contacted First Horizon to inform them of such knowing that I was in a financial bind and fallen late on a payment, the representative states "What do you want me to do about it, well you have to pay the amount due, are you working", DUH - DUMB F%^^& I had already mentioned that I'm calling because I've lost my job and would like to work out and/or explore any payment options available. I've repeatively been told that I cannot be eligible for a loan modification, because I don't have any income coming in at this point; if I was to have income or working I would be eligible for the Loan Modification program. UMMM What the devil, if I was working I wouldn't be calling you, I've never been late on any payments prior to the date and time I called after I knew I would miss a payment(s). I’ve requested to do a Short Sale on the property or do a Deed of Lieu to rid myself of the property and more so to rid myself of First Horizon, this has been a routine nightmare, as no one has responded to my phone calls, emails or letters. But, has the audacity to send me Pre-Foreclosure notice after I’ve called them on countless times. BUYER BEWARE Long story short, First Horizon and Bank of America are by far the worst companyies I have ever known, and I've come to conclusion the hell with it I'll let the property be foreclosed and let them sort through their own BS.

starstarno starno starno star by Lisa Barr From Troy, IL on August 31, 2009

They kept telling my my Ex-husband that never lived in the house was on my loan. He was on our own loan. I gave him that house in the divorce. After many horrible phone calls the litigation Dept finally told me they made a mistake

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Altamonte Springs, FL on August 24, 2009

I feel the same as the above. This is the worst company to try and work out anything. I requested a package and returned all the information and was told it was pending review. This weekend I received forclosure papers. I call the company three times today and was told three different things. One loan review still pending, loan was denied, need to completed new pakage. And you cannot get any info from the attorney.

starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Boulder Creek, CA on August 17, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by Russ From Oklahoma City, OK on August 13, 2009

I'm an agent with two offers on a home that will end up in foreclosure and a large loss if they do not work with me on one of these offers. FH stinks!

starstarstarstarno star by Shelley Schuler From Grand Rapids, MI on August 06, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by michael rose From Mcdonough, GA on August 05, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by Paul Dacanay From New River, AZ on August 02, 2009

I spoke to an mortgage agent and he was very unprofessional.. He made me feel like I was such an un responsible person and I was trying to scam them..I am trying to save my home and not walk away from it like other people have been doing I don't need someone to make me feel like crap about it when I already do..

starno starno starno starno star by James From Alpharetta, GA on July 28, 2009

I waited on the phone for 20 minutes to speak with someone about refinancing my house. I'm a customer now but won't be after next week. Do these people even give a crap who their existing clients are? Very disappointed. No way will I work with this firm.

starstarno starno starno star by John From Lawrenceville, GA on July 28, 2009

People maybe we can: 1) start a facebook page 2) start a twitter 3) email the President We all need to come together. Facebook/twitter/myspace because it's one of the hot tickets now. Maybe if we all were to email/mail the President something may get done. President Obama does sound sincere in helping us home owners.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Clayton, NC on July 27, 2009

I have been trying to purchase a home through a short sale and they have given my real estate agent the run around for 8 almost 9 months now. I really want this house but apparently I can not hold out until they decide to talk to someone.

starstarstarstarno star by Brandon Ellis From Brooklyn, IA on July 20, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by Kimberly Compton From Bradenton, FL on July 16, 2009

First Horizon has been completely unprofessional and absolutely horrible to deal with on my short sale. The offer is for only $6,000 less than what I owe on my home. They agreed to a short sale the first time, but the second wouldn't budge. Got another offer a few months later - the exact same price - and we finally got the second to work with us. Now, First Horizon has made us jump through all kinds of hoops and documentation - and all of which we deliver. They even gave us a verbal yes that they would approve the short sale. NOW, the "negotiator" says it is a no go. She gives us no reason or explanation and only says that she doesn't have time to deal with us and to stop calling and e-mailing her. How can a company go back on an approval, how can they be allowed to make such poor business decisions, how is it acceptable to pick and choose who you would like to talk to???? They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. I have to believe there will be a class action against them at some point for these bad business practices!!

starno starno starno starno star by roxanna sheffield From Tallahassee, FL on June 30, 2009

Our mortgage company has been taken over by Metlife but we have been trying for almost 8 months to talk to anyone at First Horizon. Since we decided to stop trying to make the payments but no one would bother to call us back to talk.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Warrenton, VA on June 19, 2009

at our wits end too. basically the same old story as everybody else but what are you suppose to have to do? makes no sense how we got into this mess. probably best to let the house go then we will have nothing anyway, could be better to live with. what's the point credit stinks now anyway and payments never get caught up. Our first home and we are trying our best to hold on to but not at the cost of stealing the little joy we have. just expect the worst and how many people are homeless is cruel.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From North Port, FL on June 08, 2009

We are trying to refinance. We have called a number of times , and I have emailed requests for paperwork, etc... 3 times so far... This is awful! Is there anything we can do (all together)?

starno starno starno starno star by Andrew From Carmichael, CA on May 30, 2009

If zero stars was an option, that is what they would get. The issues are plentiful. They apply faulty late fees and require a long argumentative phone call to clear it (with proof of ontime payment which I had,) not reporting good mortgages to credit bureaus, illegally tacking on hundreds of dollars in fees after completion of chapter 13 bk's, complete ripoff of a bi-weekly payment program (mortgage reduction this one carefully!,) way rude and unprofessional CSRs, etc., etc. Someone needs to shut this corporation down!

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Ashburn, VA on May 26, 2009

they are the worst. they deserve to go out of business

starstarstarstarstar by Muneerah Hussain From Carrollton, TX on May 18, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by LaVeeta Moten From Fort Washington, MD on May 18, 2009

I sent my information to First Horizon (FH), January 5, 2009. The information was finally taken off of the fax on January 26, 2009. However, one of the representatives told me that Maria Torres had not started on my paperwork until March 2009. After months of calling Maria, I decided to request to speak to a supervisor. After demanding a supervisor, Maria magically appeared. She told me she would call me in two weeks because a decision would be made by then. I told her, I would call her back, because she has never called me back. How does 24 - 48 hours turn into 24 - 48 days. On May 14, 2009 Maria called me asking for more current paystubs. The ones they had were from November and December. Of course they were! I sent my packet in January! I can't believe how rude they are.

starno starno starno starno star by lois williams From Sacramento, CA on May 18, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by NA From American Fork, UT on May 10, 2009

VERY BAD TO WORK WITH. First time a bank has told me I make to much. Did not qualify for loan modification. They did not listen to or read anything I sent to them.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Deland, FL on May 08, 2009

I Think all the other coments that other customers have voiced are on the money, and that is all they care about,what ever happened to compassion and understanding the problems with this whole economic mess,I guess they want to foreclose on you instead of helping to save your home! I now wish I knew what I know now, I would never had gotten a morgage through them! I feel like a total dumb ass now! I would love to see them fail !!!!!!!!!!!!

starstarno starno starno star by Deidre and Joseph Meyer From Lander, WY on May 08, 2009

They take way too long to do things. They play games. They make you fill out miles of paperwork over and over to get one thing done. They don't return calls, they don't return e-mails. I've literally been on hold for over an hour multiple times. This company has terrible customer service.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Henderson, NV on May 01, 2009

Telling a company like First Horizon to start to work with the borrowers that are in trouble is like telling a bunch of hungry dingos in a room full of infants that they need to become vegetarians.

starno starno starno starno star by san diego From San Diego, CA on April 21, 2009

this bank has never returned any of my calls i think the class action law suit is a plan we are ready to pay our mortgage but no payments are accepted

starno starno starno starno star by Eric Christopher From Oregon City, OR on April 20, 2009

I get a different story from every employee I speak to.

starstarstarstarno star by linda shirley From Hermitage, MO on April 20, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Sterling, VA on April 17, 2009

This is the worst company. Our family has been calling for the past six months to try to refinance. There is no way that they can help us until we are 3 months late on payments. This is the line I got from their customer representative awhile back. I tried contacting them 3 times before I spoke with someone. My wife was on the phone for 2 1/2 hours yesterday on hold with 4 representatives. After waiting on hold for the the fourth person at 8:30pm they disconnected her and a message stated the office was closed. Thats great PR First Horizon. Never again. Why not walk and have them lose 70k? They are useless and it starts from the top down. I'm sorry for everyone else out there that has had similar situations. Finding this site allowed me to have some comfort knowing I'm not alone.

starno starno starno starno star by John Day From Hamilton, OH on March 27, 2009

this company has been noncompliant with any request for loan modification or any type of workout plan. Addtionally they have denied any attempt to pay the "remedy" set as to our deliquency payments. We are now in foreclosure, and a sale date is to be set next month.

starno starno starno starno star by John From Hamilton, OH on March 27, 2009

Notified November 2008 of foreclosure. Jan 2009 I had accumulated to required funds to pay the settlement and was to they were not going to accept them I had to deal with the local attorney assisgned to the foreclosure. Made countless attempts to cantact him and his law firm, finally did so. After contact with them, they continued to delay accepting the "rememdy" payment. Still today March 27, 2009 they have not accepted payment of the settlement ammount and now my home is going to auction at the Sherrifs sale. So to all of you out there beware. If you believe you can correct the issue, and make good on any type of oversight you may have had. I am now trying to deal with the fact I'm going to have to find a place to take my family, and knowing I won't qualify for a home loan we get to go to an appartment, or lease a home. Lets see how this type of conduct from a mortgage company will contribute to improving the economy?

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Fremont, CA on March 22, 2009

First Horizon is the worst, they're not accepting any loan modification. W e need to report this company to the office of the president.

starstarstarno starno star by Anonymous From Deltona, FL on March 19, 2009

starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Meridian, ID on March 18, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by MV From Meridian, ID on March 18, 2009

Ditto as with everyone else. Wow Maria Torres get around! I guess if my name was Torres maybe she could be a little kinder. This is a bunch of crap. The President is not doing jack. I don't have a subprime loan I had to qualify six ways to Sunday and if seems that Maria is giving others help (lol) and ignoring me. WTF?

starno starno starno starno star by crystal From Kitty Hawk, NC on March 16, 2009

they are the worst company i have ever had...hold times, no response, no responses even from so-called supervisors. they suck.

starstarstarno starno star by christopher GREEN From Saint Louis, MO on March 13, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Florence, MA on March 09, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by Skip From Oakland, CA on March 09, 2009

One star is too high of a rating for this company. Woe upon woe to any person unfortunate enough to be involved with them. If this company were an individual, it would warrant a psychological diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. Looking over everyone else's dismal review, I wonder if there is any basis for a class action lawsuit against these bastards.

starstarstarno starno star by Reno Buchstaber From Beaverton, OR on March 08, 2009

starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Crestline, CA on February 22, 2009

starstarstarno starno star by Anonymous From Orlando, FL on February 19, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by mj martinez From Alamo, TX on February 19, 2009

paid in cash to casa linda homes in alamo tx then 2months later i received a foreclosure letter from first horizon. now i have 2wks. to prepare myself for my home to be auctioned. keep in reminder the house has been paid off in full.

starno starno starno starno star by COOKIE From Wichita, KS on February 10, 2009


starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Elizabeth City, NC on February 09, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by Pat Thomas From Sun City, AZ on January 21, 2009

I literally spend hours on hold -- then I get a customer service rep who transfers me to a non-working number. This has happended 4 times in a row. I'm ready to scream. There's never a supervisor to talk to, there's never an actual phone number they can give me.The do their very best to avoid any calls regarding a possible short sale.

starno starno starno starno star by Pat Thomas From Sun City, AZ on January 21, 2009

I literally spend hours on hold -- then I get a customer service rep who transfers me to a non-working number. This has happended 4 times in a row. I'm ready to scream. There's never a supervisor to talk to, there's never an actual phhone number they can give me.The do their very best to avoid any calls regarding a possible short sale.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Phoenix, AZ on January 14, 2009

I called before I became past due for help they said you have to wait until 3-4 months due before we can help. I said will ruin credit said sorry Fannie Mae requires it before can help. They dont care you continue to keep going past due and they refuse to accept anything less than a full amount, will send payment back. Refuse to accept going through any current federal programs saying we dont participate in those programs. Their Mitigations keep you on hold forever and then when you get them on the phone they are very rude as if your bothering them. I had one rep say "Oh you didnt receive that hardship letter Again! I explain I only get a letter of actions they plan to take "I guess we have to just send another one" refuse an email or to download from website. I think they purposely dont send info so they can take your home. If Fannie Mae is their client why cant I be eligable for Federal Housing Programs. The goverment bailed them out why cant I as a taxpayer who helped pay for that bail out money use what the federal goverment has put out there to help struggling families as myself. They just make the whole process difficult I had rep tell me just file bankruptcy. I felt like saying why didnt Fannie Mae and First Horizon file bankruptcy instead asking for taxpayers money FOR HELP !!!

starstarno starno starno star by TONY BONILLA From Sterling, VA on January 04, 2009

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Derby, KS on December 08, 2008

I also have recieved a default notice. In the letter they make it sound like there are so many options to help you out, but when you call and ask for help, all they want to do is mail you a hardship letter. Then they say it will take at least 60 days for an answer all while you still fall further behind.

starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Carver, MA on December 08, 2008

they raised my mortgage by $300 to cover short escrow, causing us to struggle to pay, falling behind, only to have an overage of $2000, and refusing to apply to late payments.

starstarstarno starno star by Shari Thomas From Clinton, MD on November 12, 2008

starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Indianapolis, IN on November 11, 2008

On hold for too long. Misplacing payments for workout arrangements. Not willing to read the hardship letter and look at the facts. I have a payment that is missing now, and no one has a record of how to get it, even though I have proof of payment.

starstarstarno starno star by Anonymous From Las Vegas, NV on November 07, 2008

starno starno starno starno star by Margaret From Oklahoma City, OK on October 28, 2008

This company has refused to accept payments, refused to negotiate, and their attorneys even refuse to return calls. God help anyone dealing with this company.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Waipahu, HI on October 24, 2008

starstarno starno starno star by Shannon Inama From Idaho Falls, ID on October 21, 2008

They have been kind of difficult to work with. When I try to call I have been placed on hold for 45 minutes and 35 minutes with still no answer. They seem unwilling to help in any way.

starno starno starno starno star by nothing From Hyde Park, MA on October 19, 2008

similar experiences like everyones comments. the only difference is they told me i spend to much in food and to consider eating less. i will not subject myself to a mortgage company when it comes to eating fuk them. they can enjoy there home cuz im giving it back

starno starno starno starno star by katie shelton From Caledonia, MI on October 19, 2008

They rejected the short sale and countered with an offer of what I owe on the mortgage. The condo isn't even worth what I owe. The loan is insured by Freddie Mac, so they won't lose a dime. Don't understand what the deal is, guess they really don't care about their clients, as everyone reports here.

starno starno starno starno star by lisa From Gloucester City, NJ on October 01, 2008

I am an out of work mortgage underwriter who maintained current payments for 9 years up until July and August 2008. As soon as I realized I was in finacial trouble I requested the forebearance paperwork (after discussing options with the lender) and sent everything in August 10th with an expected process time of 60 days. I called Loss Mitigation in early September stating I could resume a normal monthly payment at this time but still await the forebearance for july/aug as financially I cannot "catch up". I was told not to send the money as they would only Return it. I called the agency contracted to do their HUD Counseling and was told also to HOLD the money and wait. That is not acceptable to me as, according to the Lenders forclosure letter, at 4 months past due (which by the time the forebearance is answered would be well into October), the Lender will NOT accept any LESS than the entire 4 months and fees. I'm not entirely stupid. So I scrambled to get a 2 month payment and fees together (NJ Property tax rebate helped)and phoned Sean at Loss Mitigation and told him I could get this together - would that hurt the forebearance request. He said "no", that paying back One month rather than 2 would be easier on me. SoI mailed the payment thinking I was doing the right thing. Thank goodness I happened to check my bank balance September 30th only to find the funds had NOT been deducted. I called and got Crystal who informed me the Funds were HELD! because they were waiting for My specific instruction "magic word?" to POST the payments. Duh? I flat out asked Crystal -what would have happened if I had Not called in on Sept. 30th and the next day is then October (at that point a 4 month past due). She said THEY WOULD HAVE SENT THE MONEY BACK!!! Umm, ther is something terribly wrong with that. It seems to me that this is an intentional act to Take peoples homes (holding $$ and Forcing the past due to 4 months) if not perhaps CRIMINAL? Sorry, but Bailing out Wall Street will not work as intended if the default/loss mitigation practices are not overhauled. I am heading to our Assemblyman's office today.

starstarstarno starno star by blossom munday From Brunswick, MD on September 29, 2008

starstarstarstarstar by Charlotte Bediako From Bristow, VA on September 09, 2008

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Edna, TX on September 09, 2008

starstarstarstarno star by aldo garcia From Wichita, KS on September 02, 2008

starno starno starno starno star by Ig.... From Washington, DC on August 07, 2008

FHHL, is the worst... I finally completed my repayment plan only to discover I now owe attorney fees.. Maria Torres is a damn ass... She forgot to include the fees, $1358.00

starstarstarno starno star by Anonymous From Edna, TX on July 31, 2008

starstarstarstarno star by Kasey Brown From Duncan, OK on June 28, 2008

How well do I know about First Horizon, everyone pretty much summed it up!In Oct.07 I was layed off from my job and had 6mos left to go in RN school. I called them to ask about sending in split payments every two weeks instead of monthly since it was easier to manage my other bills that way. i was told I would need to fill out a workout package for any type of reduction or change in terms. I returned my workout package with all required documents in Oct.07. I called FHHL in Nov. and Dec.several times and was told my packet was still being reviewed and that they were very behind and not to call them they will call me. Since they will not accept any type of partial payment I am getting further behind, but in good spirits that they will work with me and find some kind of loan modification because they said I should qualify.Jan.08 approaches called back several times finally got of hold of someone that said they would have a decision made by Jan.26,08, Still waited and waited , then on Feb.6,08 received letter from FHHL attorney that they were going to foreclose, I immediately called the Loss mitigation and attempted to reach Mike Diaz who was suppose to be the department Guru. After finally getting of hold of them they told me my packet had been denied and told them that was nice of them to notify me. By now I have graduated from school and working full time making more money now than I did when I originally qualified for loan. I asked for a reconsideration and sent in new check stubs and current bills, etc, and once again was denied , but they didn't tell me I was trying to work with a counselor through my private mortgage insurance whom found this out for me. I contacted all the resources they send people who are in foreclosure and to no prevail did anyone help. So next month my house will go up for sheriff sale.The media wants to know why there are so many foreclosures,people sincerely think they are going to get help and then fall further and further behind until its too late to get caught up. So I myself didn't ever think I would be a statistic.

starstarstarno starno star by matt weitl From Manning, IA on May 31, 2008

starstarstarno starno star by Travis Yandell From Little Elm, TX on May 31, 2008

starstarstarstarno star by Travis Yandell From Little Elm, TX on May 31, 2008

starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Romulus, MI on May 30, 2008

When you call to speak to someone you are put on hold for a very, very long time. I have been placed on hold @ the most in one call for 50min. trying to get in touch with the loss mitigation dept. No consideration given to excellent payment history.

starno starno starno starno star by TBA Michigan From Romulus, MI on May 29, 2008

My situation has a bit of maybe all the others. My husband left me&our son. I wanted to send FH a partial payment b4 my home went n2 4closure last yr. was told it would be sent back bcause (1)partial had already been made b4.My redemption period has past & I am trying 2 stay n my home 4 me&my son. We have nowhere else 2go. My husband left us almost 2yrs ago& is facing prison.I have 1st&2nd.Only 1 was closed. Trying 2 negotiate paying other mortgage. Just like the others no call back.Hold time is ridiculous.In reality FH & I need each other. My son & I need a place 2stay, & the property won't sit vacant on their books.I'm not trying 2 stay here 4free.

starstarstarno starno star by Debra Livermore From Commerce Township, MI on May 28, 2008

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Newport News, VA on May 28, 2008

starstarstarstarno star by Claudia reyes From Centerton, AR on May 25, 2008

They are a good company but the only issue I had with them is that even after the loan modification my account was not put as current and I was receiving calls about defiency when I was supposely suppose to be current.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Nahant, MA on May 22, 2008

Notified immediately on husband's job loss. Have a ready, willing and qualified buyer, can't reach a voice, neither can attorney. Am now 2 months behind in payments....Am locking the doors on my way to an apartment, let them worry about the house they are going to lose $100's of thousands on, I can't get a person to answer a call

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Alexandria, VA on May 22, 2008

The First Horizon broker did promise to lower our payments with in 6 months. We contacted the broker, and after many attemps, we just got a not now wait a bit longer. We waited, and called back to get the refinance started. He told us we needed an appraisal done, and he will call us back. We waited for 2 weeks no call was placed from the broker or appraisal. We contacted him several times to have him tell us he can't find the person who conducts the appraisal...WOW..Here we are with a huge mortgage we can not pay.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Grand Rapids, MI on May 21, 2008

I've sent in four (4) borrower financial statements along with hardship letters and everything else they need (tax forms, paycheck stubs...). No response from to anything I've sent in. No call backs and my average hold time to actually speak with someone is over 80 minutes. Considering we got rid of our phones to reduce our monthly expenditures, that's 80 minutes waiting around my church or parents house to talk with someone who simply wants to send me another borrower financial statement packet. I finally wrangled a e-mail address out of the last person I spoke with (Ms. Aaron) because I convinced her to e-mail me the packet. Interesting that her e-mail address is from the domain - a company that says they are there to help stop foreclosure. I've been unemployed for over a year and from the sounds of it, they are going to be pretty unwilling to help. Even though we have a FHA mortgage with mortgage insurance. One option there should be a partial claim against that insurance - I somehow doubt they will approve us for that. And unfortunately, we have no where to go and simply cannot loose this house.

starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Lehigh Acres, FL on May 21, 2008

starno starno starno starno star by REALTOR From Belleville, IL From Belleville, IL on May 21, 2008

I too have been dealing with Maria Alonzo. I listed the clients home and she made it sound as though they were on board wiht pursuing a short sale. We now have an offer on the table and I cant get a call back from anyone!!! This is aweful. I am sorry to say it, but I know my seller will be foreclosed on.

starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Washington, DC on May 20, 2008

They would not allow me to work out my payments so that I could pay less.

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Warrenton, VA on May 12, 2008

First Horizon is the worst. My home was foreclosed on. They led me to believe they would consider a short sale but when they received offers they would not even respond to my agent. They hired someone to winterize the house while I was trying to clean it for sale. Called me to remove my belongings and when I went to pick them up they were gone. I had a home equity loan with them also and that entity was not even aware of the foreclosure. They hired an agent to list it and didn't even respond to an offer he submitted.

starstarstarno starno star by Anonymous From Euless, TX on May 07, 2008

starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Charles Town, WV on May 05, 2008

Because I have shared my experience with others in similar satus, I found FH is the only lender providing a 12 month payback time. Others require 3 months payments and then tag the rest of the late payments to the end of the load. I could do that if offered. I agree with other postings, no call back, never the same person. Unlike other lenders tehy are not helping the buyer or thier self. I can make my payments why don't they work with me instead of against me.

starstarstarstarno star by roberta samuels From Dayton, OH on May 03, 2008

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Kissimmee, FL on May 03, 2008

They will not work with you and their option is to give you the most expensive payback plan there is even if they know you cannot afford it. If you try to send any money in they will return it back to your bank account. There turn around for calling you back they say is 3 business days I may get a call back in a week after they have decided they are going to still go through with the Foreclosure. Is there really any help out there?

starno starno starno starno star by Robert Butler From Ames, IA on April 12, 2008

Impossible to talk to, uou can never speak to the same person twice. We have lost two potential buyers (short sale) because First Horizon would not respond to the offers.They are a company that I feel has helped bring this housing crises on and hopefully they will go broke . ROB

starno starno starno starno star by JANE WESTDYKE REALTOR From Avon, IN on March 22, 2008


starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Paducah, KY on March 17, 2008

starstarstarno starno star by Mariaalthea Dambra (Ehlert) From Ewa Beach, HI on March 13, 2008

starstarstarno starno star by UNEMPLOYEDMORTGAGEPRO From Westtown, NY on March 10, 2008

In November when I lost my job, I sent an entire Loan Workout package with PFS, paycheck stubs, and so on explaining I had just lost my job, had never been late up until that month but didn't want to miss an opportunity to do the right thing before late payments snowballed. I was advised to submit to Loss Mitigation Dept. SIX MONTHS LATER----a week ago---3/4/08, I got a VOICE MAIL FROM MARIA ALONSO 'regarding my paperwork'. I had already called every month following my submission of paperwork to follow up prior to getting her voice mail. I called her back a.s.a.p. and like the other people here, got her voice mail. One of the other reps said "you were approved for a payment plan but denied for a loan workout because the lender (Chase) doesn't off that". I had lost my job, which was an annual income of $150k to UI of $600 a week so how was I going to pay the required payments mentioned in ANY payment plan? I left a message for her THREE TIMES since last week and to no avail, no return call. I'm sure she is inundated with work due to the foreclosure rates but I still need to entertain my last option: Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. I don't believe I qualify because I have a 1st & 2nd on the property w/2 different lenders. I suppose BK is the only option unless I milk the situation through a long foreclosure process. That's tempting because I could squeeze some equity out of the home, although its been on the market for six months without any interest and the value has dropped dramatically on my home even though it is in prime conditiion. I would like to just hand over the keys and go into a rental at this point or do a short sale provided there are no tax ramifications but I believe that would be unavoidable. If I file BK that could take 120 days to finalize. Foreclosure will take up to 14 months. I just don't want a foreclosure on my credit report. Mortgage companies consider YOU IN A N.O.D. even if an NOD wasn't filed if you are more than 4-6 months late on your current mortgage but that will go away on credit after 12-18 months yet a foreclosure or Deed in Lieu WILL STAY ON CREDIT for 10 years. Oh what do do, what to do.

starstarstarno starno star by shawn pischke From Raleigh, NC on March 05, 2008

starstarstarstarno star by Carlos Ospinal From Streamwood, IL on March 05, 2008

starno starno starno starno star by kristen diggs From Lexington, KY on March 04, 2008

I tried and tried to contact someone and could never get someone in person on the phone. Horrible service!!

starno starno starno starno star by Troy Clymer From Sanford, FL on March 03, 2008

starno starno starno starno star by gjs from New Jersey From Rahway, NJ on March 01, 2008

This has to be the WORST financial instituation when trying to "work out" things with their customers. They have the WORST, LOUD telephone system in existence!! You never get through to the party you are trying to reach. When that person calls you they leave an "incomplete" general message for a return call as well. I am not behind in my mortgage but I have been laid off & filed "hardship" with this institution in DEC only now to hear anything from these people! All I want to do is make partial payments until I am re-employed & as it turns out the lady that I finally got to talk to named MARIA TORRES tells me I have to earn more money to be eligible for partial payments....daah! If I were able to earn more money I obviously would not need to make partial payments!!! I hate this company! They do absolutely nothing for their customers but take their money!!

starno starno starno starno star by caroline kruse From Dundee, OR on February 27, 2008

I called to work out a repayment plan I and the representative told me he would give me four months to find a better job or he would take my home from me. I called his Supervisor and I received no response. A month later First Horizon called me to tell me that they fired him and wanted to work out a deal. I was so scared of losing my home at the time ( I was two months late) I had already filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I could have easily worked something out.

starstarno starno starno star by Anonymous From Claremore, OK on February 27, 2008

It is impossible to contact anyone there. All you ever get is a recording when you call. Call backs from the company are usually one or two weeks. By then, foreclosure steps have already been taken. What gives?

starstarstarstarno star by Rhonda Hendrix From Carrollton, GA on February 04, 2008

starno starno starno starno star by Anonymous From Omaha, NE on January 31, 2008

First Horizon has not returned any of my 28 phone calls. They say there is nothing they can do to help us.

starstarstarno starno star by Frank Farmwald From Kansas City, MO on January 20, 2008

starstarstarno starno star by Anonymous From Dover, PA on August 25, 2007


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