Monday, January 24, 2011


 Welcome to the Machine

So many things happening it is hard to describe. 2011 will be the year of the counter attack.

Two essays, well, one really. The other is a piece I call: The View. It covers some rather serendipitous over the transom type stumblings over the last week. It's two pieces really, and some mitigating factoids. Presented individually, they are interesting. One right after the other, quite enlightening.

You can find it here. You may have to scroll down a bit.

It will take you about two hours dedicated time to go through it all. I realize asking to dedicate two hours is asking a lot. It took me three days to watch the VDO. It will take you 20 - 30 minutes to go through the other two links.

Now more than ever I encourage you to pass this information along. The site has had over two million visitors in the 8 months it's been up. They have come from interesting places like Beijing (last count 480 visits) Riyadh, Frankfurt, Paris, London. What is really interesting is how long they stay on the site. Why would 400+ people in Beijing come to the site and spend 3-4 hours at a whack?

Keep a log of all the weird stories between now and this time next year. It will be interesting to see what your idea of weird is after 12 months.

Stay tuned.



A Workingman’s Guide to MERS and the Shadow Banking System

You will hear the name MERS a lot in the news over the next few periods of time. It’s the biggest screw up the Bangstas have laid on the country yet. MERS was brought to the Mortgage Banking Industry as a way to solve all of their problems regarding the high cost of securitization. In the process, the Wizzards overlooked a few crucial concepts in Western Jurisprudence and as a result, have destroyed over 400 years of property records meticulously kept in county courthouses all over the country.

What happened?
How did it happen?
What happens next?

All very good questions.

Welcome to the Machine: A Workingman’s Guide to MERS & the Shadow Banking System” answers those first two questions and draws attention to possibilities on the last. This book will show you the truth of how MERS & the Shadow Banking System destroyed the country. You owe it to your self to know if for no other reason than to be informed in the debate over “what comes next?”

This is the first of a two part story. The working title for the second story is “The Machine on Meth” which will explore the real happenings on how this monster created by MERS and debt securitization have pushed America to Her most critical crisis in her 200+ years of existence.

The first is necessary to understand the second.

Go here to buy this book ($6.99) and go here to read the first chapter.

If you are looking for the blog … keep scrolling down.

The View

It was an interesting week on the reading front this past week. I had several things pass my desk which individually are interesting and insightful, together they present a powerful look at what we have in front of us.

If you have been reading these musings over the past year, you are further ahead than 95% of all the other residents of this country. As my friend PacMan says, the view from 50,000 ft. What he likes to do from there is drill down to the detail to understand what happened.

I am starting out with the assumption you understand the view from 50,000 ft. What I am offering here is what I consider the view from 75,000 ft:

It’s a one hour VDO with Catherine Austin Fitts. Fitts was a political appointment w/ HUD in the GHWBush administation who when pointing out corruption was politely asked to leave. Since then she has had an interesting career. I realize it is asking a lot for you to dedicate an hour to this. It took me three days. If you break it up in small chunks it is easier.

Then there is the view from 100,000 ft.


The Bad Guys Take One

Today, the Massachusetts Supreme Court exploded a large round into the camp of the bad guys.

Some Very Bad News For The “Sweep Fraudclosure Under The Rug” Brigade

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/07/2011 10:35 -0500

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