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Never was late in a payment, for 20 years, paid 1,200 on time, time every month, time are are tough and thought maybe with my reduced income I would enroll in the Hamp program, through my mortgage company Wells Fargo, and maybe receive a reduced interest or payment, Sent in all paperwork, tons of it, receive a trial period payment of 620.00 a month, paid on time for 4 months, Bank says after 4 months unable to create an affordable payment equal to 31% of monthly gross income without changing the terms of your loan beyond the requirements of the program. Now I'm receiving letters and phone calls that my mortgage is in default, acceleration to foreclosure is in place. I was never late in payments, and have 3 years left on my mortgage. my home is worth 400,000 and I owe 30,000. They are trying to take my home while in the Hamp program.

This has affected my credit, late fees, Wells Fargo does not care if your in the program. they say I'm in review for alternative loss mitigation solutions, maybe for in-house, people really have no clue. Collections are calling my home now and acceleration is in process due to Hamp program. I could lose my home because of this after paying 20 years, with over 80% equity, This program is taking away homes from hard working people. i can not believe this could happen in America with the Government and a reputable Bank, What is happening?

Jeff A.

Dear Jeff,

Oh Jeff, I didn't either. I just read an article that said in the 1980's over 500 banks went under during the savings and loan crises! To date since this started in 2004 (I think that's right) so far 140 banks have closed so "they" say what we are experiencing isn't nearly as bad. I search my brain for memories of the 1980's and wonder what planet I was living on. I don't remember experiencing anything like this! I was in my 20's...
Please do my heart a favor and click on the links below and read about two of the finest woman in our nation today, April Charney and Lynn Szymoniak. Florida is blessed to have both of these women working for the foreclosure victims in their state. I'm confident these women will give you the help you need to keep your home out of the greedy mits of Wells Fargo Bank.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, it will help other homeowners in ways you will never know. Please keep me posted on how you progress in your fight to keep your home, and let me know who at Wells Fargo is helpful, AND WHO IS NOT!
Good luck Jeff!


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