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Wells Fargo - American Servicing Company (ASC)

  1. Our Wells Fargo Loan was modified!!!
  2. We finally did it!!!!! ASC/Wells Fargo loan Mod
  3. Wells Fargo Steady On HAMP Get ready to barf..
  4. We're current - is load mod a good thing...?
  5. Got my loan mod
  6. Wells / Wachovia - Received Final Mod UPS packet
  7. 12 months, -NPV, denied but not really, What now?
  8. Wells Fargo Prepared Testimony be delivered to the House Committee on Financial Services led by Barney Frank outspoken for HAMP and principal reductions.
  9. Fedex Arrived... Finally... now is this a good offer??
  10. HAMP Help
  11. Rights As Second Mortgage to short sale?
  12. I got my in-house mod from wells fargo step up interest rate!!!
  13. WF Final Review online assist site verification denied
  14. PLEASE HELP ME... Made 7 HAMP Trial Pmts and now Investor Not Participating in HAMP...Our investor is Wells Fargo! (BIG SURPRISE WELLS FARGO)
  15. Third Loan Modifcation with ASC/ Wells
  16. Got a letter from ASC and have a question
  17. Denied for HAMP. 2 months later, put in 2nd trial plan
  18. Wells and ASC "Trial Plan Fraud" Threat got clients mods
  19. Not sure I want to Mod- PLEASE ANSWER!!
  20. Anybody have an email address for someone higher up on the Wells food chain??? Already working with executive team....
  21. 12 News Phoenix "its your money" ASC/Wells tonight story
  22. What happens after a complain with the OCC?
  23. Upside Down on AZ Wells Fargo Mortgage?
  24. Credit Report Pulled by WF in mod
  25. After 3mo trial period is over, what's next?
  26. WF in Final Review, financial work sheet question!
  27. MBS related question..
  28. Does a tax lien disqualify you for a loan modification?
  29. Sharing In-house Modification Info?
  30. Wells Fargo Permanent HAMP signed agreement
  31. Wells Fargo HAMP - Communication process & Unemployment help
  32. Failed NPV...Wells says mod on hold per Treasury Dept
  33. Financial worksheet... Please help!
  34. Verbal Denial
  35. Got approved but the tittle company is having issues!!!
  36. Wells Fargo Denied HAMP
  37. I got my letter
  38. Wells Fargo Servicer, Bank of America Stability Fund Investor
  39. Contacting OOP
  40. Fannie Mae Alt Modification
  41. Received Denial Letter
  42. Mod Offer-What A Joke
  43. Questions on my permanent mod
  44. Foreberance
  45. Good news, Im approved, but a question please!
  46. Office of President Mailing Address
  47. Unemployment Benefits - confused
  48. wells charg off 2nd to collection
  49. WF Loss Mit phone# - help!
  50. Home Equity
  51. Modification Offer on I/O loan
  52. Wells Refinance Offer
  53. Will this ever end?
  54. What is a "second level review" with investor?
  55. WF threatening collection activity during Ch 7 BK
  56. Help anyone!?!?
  57. need to settle second
  58. Email from Wells Fargo today?
  59. Any advise on next steps after 3rd trial payments?
  60. Need WF executive contacts in SHORT SALE dept
  61. Settlement?
  62. try to settle second but when
  63. Treasury report shows Wachovia as the worst of the worst report:
  64. Wells Fargo HELOC:Settlement Attempt, Improper Chargeoff, Executive Office's Amber Hicks, & BBB Complaint
  65. Help! I got act 91 notice but Ive been on a trial mod for 6 months
  66. This just has to be a miracle an aproval........
  67. Question....
  68. I need help for second settlement
  69. Wells Fargo - 2nd questions.
  70. Insight, advice from successful Wells Fargo mods
  71. Ch 7 BK & Loan Mod
  72. I am qaulified HAMP,but investor not participate
  73. on moratorium. Please advise!!
  74. 6th payment on trial - money in checking account
  75. Can anyone speak to successful strategies/experiences having an interest only loan getting a mod?
  76. Wachovia denied request to mod pick-a-pay loan
  77. New with many questions
  78. Wells Fargo Financial - Refused payments while doing mod, denied HAMP, now want huge payment up front
  79. Outcomes after denial?
  80. Will making a partial payment hold off the auction date?
  81. Denied due to "unaffordability"
  82. Four payments and denied.
  83. Recieved a call from a Wells VP...
  84. Can you be approved for a trial mod if you don't meet the requirements?
  85. Just received my trial payment initiation agreement... help with assets/liabilities please
  86. LA Convention Center for WF customers
  87. 63 days late - New Action
  88. Has anyone heard as EMC as in investor....
  89. Wells and Title and Value
  90. 11 month ordeal with ASC/Wells Fargo
  91. Three loan modifications
  92. Any day now from Hell's Fargo we will may or may not get a mod.
  93. Need advice please
  94. Modification denied twice. . Sale date is Wedneday, 3/3/10. . . I have money to reinstate! Any ideas how to prevent sale?
  95. Can I?????
  96. Lost Home to Auction Caught by Surprise - Need Help Please
  97. Confused....
  98. final mod received but trying to decline
  99. World/Wachovia Pick-a-pay MAP SUCCESS!!!
  100. OK, so I guess I am a sucker for punishment!
  101. Rental Loan fianl modification, not sure is this a good offer
  102. Our struggle with Wells Fargo Home Loan Modification - any help greatly appreciated
  103. Unaffordable loan modification offered again
  104. UPS delivered
  105. FHA HAMP Loan Modification Help
  106. HAMP rejection letters from Wells Fargo 02/16
  107. Approved modification
  108. Wells Fargo Assist now says.....
  109. Woman Loses Home While in Talks on Loan Changes
  110. HELP- has anyone got a modification with wells fargo as servicer and bank of america as investor?
  111. What the heci is going on now?
  112. Today's Wells Fargo denial reason
  113. My saga continued
  114. Anna Dawson in the office of the President.. has anyone worked with her?
  115. Brenda Lauer-Bursch
  116. HELP- i just turned down a moratorium agreement from WELLS Fargo!!! did i do the right thing??
  117. Fox News Wants Wells Fargo Horror Stories Wanted!!
  118. Wells Fargo Stole our home, Rescind our sale now
  119. WF Online Assist?
  120. Stalling tactics for WF foreclosure?
  121. Pleading in person for homes - Hundreds of Minnesotans signed up for face-to-face meetings with Wells Fargo to try to save their homes.
  122. Wells Fargo Mod Offer PLEASE HELP!
  123. immediate modification approval!
  124. HELP!! Wells Fargo Balloon Loan!!
  125. WF a year later - help !
  126. At my wit's end...denied or not denied?
  127. WF loan adjuster said "won't settle for less than 80%"
  128. Calculating net income -- Self Employed
  129. Denied AGAIN by Wells Fargo
  130. Wells Brags on HAMP results and adopts new procedures March 1st Wells Fargo Doubles HAMP Completions and Continues Modification Efforts
  131. Question on defaulted property taxes with WFHM?
  132. special forebearance/3month trial
  133. Wells Fargo MBS - Denial letter - Anyone have WFMBS and get an inhouse or HAMP permanent modification?
  134. Finally spoke to Brenda Lauer-Bursch and denied again for hamp due to dti
  135. Wells Fargo inhouse mod + trial payments
  136. Wells Fargo Modification Concerns
  137. WF Exec Office and what should I expect?
  138. No return calls from Brenda Lauer-Bursch
  139. Hells Fargo and convenient denials
  140. Getting a MOD without "trial" payments?
  141. Clarification on Making Home Affordable Denial
  142. REceived NOD after starting modification with WF HELOC
  143. Has anyone heard this from Wells Fargo?
  144. Special Forbearance Success or Failure?
  145. WELLS FARGO 2nd loan charged off
  146. Wells Fargo Media Stories Wanted
  147. No more trial payments! Not until I get a permanent mod.
  148. Does anyone know if paying WF is a good idea while waiting for an answer
  149. who has been denied after complaining to the OCC
  150. update on denial due to investor not participating
  151. WF - How long does it take to rebuild credit?
  152. Denied Hamp!
  153. Media Request - Looking for the Homeowner in the Longest HAMP Trial Period
  154. Hamp and Inhouse
  155. Need Help With Wells Fargo
  156. Complained to Congressman and OCC - and Wells Fargo denied us completely. Need Assistance.
  157. Denied HAMP so they say...
  158. Fax to Brenda Lauer-Bursch about dti
  159. Why do they call putting delinquencies on the back of your loan a "loan modification"?
  160. New and need some advice
  161. What would you do?
  162. LTV disqualifier for HAMP
  163. DTI Possibly to high?
  164. A little perspective about WF negotiators - even in the Executive Offices
  165. Anyone hear of Kelsey Alveraz WF negotiator?
  166. FHA HAMP -vs- 6 mo Special Forbearance
  167. email address for Brenda Lauer-Bursch?
  168. Profit and Loss
  169. Income vs. Expense
  170. Anyone having issues with Wells Fargo Assist today?
  171. 2 Questions.....
  172. Hamp or push for Investor Mod
  173. Wells is the "investor." What to do now?
  174. Contacted OOP today be email
  175. To The People Who Got Approved For HAMP Final Loan Mods
  176. Escrow question
  177. Denied by Wells Fargo!!!!
  178. Ch 7 BK & settling 2nd mortgages
  179. Contact Exec. office first?
  180. NEED clarification regarding Wells Fargo Executive Desk
  181. Live Loansafe Radio Show With Moe Bedard- Tune in Now
  182. possible outcomes of denied loan mod??
  183. Has anyone dealt with WF Negotiator Vladimir Gurevich?
  184. Wells Fargo aproved
  185. Here goes another Wells Fargo thread...
  186. Promissory Note
  187. please critique my letter
  188. Phone interview
  189. HELP!!! Financial worksheet
  190. Anyone hared of this Wells Fargo Negotiator.....
  191. Has anyone been successful with ASC loan modification post foreclosure?
  192. how long after docs are successfully submitted that you get an answer from WF? 2nd loan.
  193. CNN Wells Fargo Stories needed
  194. When is it appropriate to contact executive offices?
  195. Late Fees?
  196. US Bank National Association for Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates
  197. 8th Trial Payment Sent... FINALLY Being Reviewed By Negotiator
  198. after 8 months of hell with wells fargo and in foreclosure now working with an exec mrtg specialist should i be hopeful?
  199. Changes to income while in 3 month trial period
  200. Exectutive Office Contact
  201. FAX, no Email? Who does WF think they're foolin?
  202. Does Titanium Solutions stalk you?
  203. Do I stand a chance for a loan mod?
  204. wachovia heloc question
  205. Need advice on wf in house modification offer
  206. WF did not want a 4th trial payment
  207. Ph # for trial payments
  208. Credit Wells Fargo Question
  209. i need the number from wells fargo exec offices
  210. Escrow Acknowledgement???
  211. why i have to be in a forbereance plan for 3 months in order to quilify for HAMP?
  212. Final Mod sent overnight air by UPS
  213. HAMP denied because my mortgage is not in default yet
  214. Monthly mortgage statement
  215. ASC asking for P&L but we get W2's...
  216. ASC/Wells Fargo situation from a n00b
  217. Listen to Moe Bedard Live- Please Tune in Now
  218. Quick Wells Fargo question..
  219. Self-employment & HAMP
  220. Co-borrower/HAMP application question
  221. Wells Fargo and Chapter 13 vs 7 - please help!
  222. Wells Fargo as the investor - not participating in HAMP
  223. loan audit ASC
  224. Just received SURPRISE WF modification on door step have 5 days to respond
  225. Wells Fargo In House Loan Modification Question?
  226. Need Advice on a Special Forebearance
  227. Need Advice on a Special Forebearance
  228. Wells Fargo denied after Trial Period. Default
  229. Escrow Acknowledgement Form
  230. CTS investor link help
  231. WF EPIC SAGA/ Please Help!
  232. Has anyone been able to get their 2nd or 3rd home equity lines modified?
  233. wells fargo special forbearance/moratorium
  234. Served by attorney for Wells Fargo
  235. WF applying over payments to Escrow/Against HAMP guidelines?
  236. Wells CFO on HAMP after Record Profits
  237. Wells Fargo posts record annual $12.3 Billion
  238. Wells Fargo 2nd loan settlement. Our journey step by step.starting april 09
  239. How do you find out who the negotiator is?
  240. Help with Wells Fargo forbearance or trial?
  241. Here is the phone number to the Wells Fargo BK Department
  242. Wells Fargo Employee---- Brian Williams
  243. Check this out>>>Wells Fargo
  244. financial worksheet question again..
  245. WELLS FARGO DENIED Executive Team Wants New Package
  246. 31% question....
  247. financial worksheet question?
  248. Wells Fargo Negotiator finnaly...
  249. Wellsfargo Loan Modification denied
  250. WF SAGA/ Need Help Moe!!
  251. 1 year later, need to prepare for foreclosure
  252. Latest Wells Fargo Saga

    1. Rental Property Mod. Success!!!!!!!!!!
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    3. Can they Reneg on Mod?
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    6. How long after?
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    9. received WF special forbearence letter
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    13. Media Contacts
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    16. Bank Statements
    17. Wachovia MAP offer...BUT...
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    43. To tiredofwellsf
    44. Need Help
    45. Unemployment benefits are not considered
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    47. Please Help Quickly
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    56. Just starting...input appreciated!
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    58. Denial ltr ?
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    65. Online assist
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    81. HELP!!!! Foreclosure sale date!!!! DEC 28th
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    83. I'm so confused...what does this mean?
    84. What does this mean??
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    87. WF Assist Page changes
    88. 2nd HAMP Trial Period
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    90. Wells Fargo Address
    91. WF actually has alot of leeway to modify..(article inside)
    92. Just starting any help is thankfull
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    95. What does this mean?
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    99. offered 6 month modification
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    110. Should I tell them
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    112. Need Help..Please
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    121. Forbearance offer from WFB
    122. Missed Deadline on Modification contract
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    124. Credit Report
    125. WF Delinquency intervention letter...
    126. Do They Have To HAMP?
    127. website
    128. Has anyone finished Wells Fargo trial period and been permanently approved for HAMP?
    129. Quick question about HAMP Trial..
    130. Made Progress at HopeNOW - Maybe?
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    147. forebearannce
    148. Our Wells Fargo epic saga
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    154. "NOW LINE" is it a HELOC?
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    157. Your thoughts, Wells HAMP trial?
    158. Does anyone know if your investor is Lehman if they are participating in HAMP?
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    210. Information concerning Nomura Series 2006-WF!
    211. Go it alone or use HOPE or NACA?
    212. Who Is This Exec Group To Contact I See People Refering To Here?
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    214. What IS THe Purpose Of The Previous 2 Yrs Tax Forms For Trial
    215. We've Waited 7 Months Now They Want $$ in 2 Weeks
    216. Relaitive picked up monthy mortgagewill this harm loan?
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    220. Wish me luck and comments
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    1. Wachovia hamp status
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