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May 11, 2010 14:57
Wells Fargo Mortgage in South Florida/ 19 months of Hell and a call to my senator got me an offer for modification from Wells Fargo. Phone call stating this is the offer you must accept or you will never get another offer and you must accept it now on the phone. Ilness and in bankruptcy from medical bills and loss of income of course I accepted in Feb 2010/ But the final papers never arrived dispite my request after request . Finally in April 2010 I insisted I cant sign what you dont send. so I was sent a envelope with a FEMA notice for my signature 2 pages. I complied immediately by overnight return mail and fax compies to 3 depts. No modification papers though so I kept at it . Late april they agreed to send a so called additional copy . Indtimidating and calling me a liar they mailed a package that I waited for 5 day s calling wells fargo daily leaving messages I did not receive the packet yet??? Then allof a sudden Wells Fargo accused me of REFUSING THE PACKAGE per UPS Package refused not ordered // I called and demaded tracking number s and I followed up with UPS and BINGO
they did not want me to get that modification package because they knew I would sign it and they would have to decrease my mortgage by $129 per month
May 24, 2010 16:42
Hi Kathy! I am so sorry to here your story! However my story is very similar. They said they sent my trial period package in November. NEVER GOT IT!!!! My trial period was to begin Jan and end in March. I FINALLY recieved my trial period documents in late March, after the trial was over!!! Wells Fargo is making me crazy!!!! I've been dealing with the phone calls back and forth with no results for over a year now. Just this weekend Ihave been doping some research on the internet and have found HUNDREDS of the same stories. It's just unbelievable that they are allowed to get away with this.
So in the last few days, I have wrote my State Attorney, State representive, The treasury, and anyone else I thought would help. Someone has to stop this!!!
If you are reading this and have some advice or would like to share your story with me, please email me at
Beasley Allen
May 25, 2010 8:20
Kathy and Deana,
We would be glad to review your information to see if you may have a case against Wells Fargo. Please email us at with your contact information and we will have an attorney review your case at no charge.
Melissa Fridlin – Public Relations Assistant
Beasley Allen
Anne Cornwell
Jun 22, 2010 15:21
I reside in North Carolina and have had the same back and forth dysfunctional experiences with Wells Fargo. I was a Wachovia customer, received a trial modification summer of 2009. Wachovia was a dream of efficiency compared to Wells Fargo. I am now on round three of attempts to obtain a modification from Wells Fargo and unless I can get some representation or advocacy I think they will just keep screwing around.
Jun 22, 2010 21:21
Wells Fargo is UNBELIVEABLE……I NEED AN ATTORNEY THAT WILL SUE THE PANTS OFF OF THEM! I'm tired……it's been over a year of trying the LOAN MODIFICATION aka FORECLOSURE! Now I am dealing with a guy in the "Office of the President". He has told me "not to talk to anyone but him" and he will help me get the permanent modification under the HAMP program that I was suppose to have already been approved for. I was approved for a temporary mod and paid what they told me to pay… thing you know…. I get a letter from an attorney and Wells has thrown me into foreclosure. It has been postponed until September and in the meantime I paid $150 to an attorney who told me to record all my conversations with Wells….which I have done…now I have Wells on tape stating that they can see the confusion. The left hand does not know what the right is doing!!!!! I sell real estate and I have other realtors sending letters to me about how to conduct a short sale and foreclosure… embarassing and humiliating! I sell real estate along the Gulf and now the oil spill has brought my business to a standstill…..Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has hundreds and hundreds of people they are screwing out of their homes…..HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beasley Allen
Jun 23, 2010 9:05
Anne and Diane,
I am sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time with Wells Fargo. We would be glad to review your potential case free of charge. Feel free to email me at or call us at 1-800-898-2034 and we will be glad to help you. Thank you,
Melissa Fridlin on behalf of Beasley Allen
Jennifer Slattery
Jun 27, 2010 17:30
I live in Minnesota and I too went to a seminar in St. Paul Minnesota where we were told we could get help. Now we are being harrassed and we were told lies and we need help. It is refreshing to see that we are not the only people. Wells Fargo Needs to pay for what they are doing!! It is not fair! I do not want to tarnish my good credit or lose my home for something they TOLD me to to do.Please help!!!!!
Beasley Allen
Jun 28, 2010 8:01
Ms. Slattery,
I am sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time with Wells Fargo. We would be glad to review your potential case free of charge. Feel free to email me at or call us at 1-800-898-2034 and we will be glad to help you. Thank you,
Melissa Fridlin on behalf of Beasley Allen
Jul 8, 2010 12:43
I have been in my modification trail period since Novemeber. I just received my modiciation a few weeks ago. They told me to sign the documents and send in one months payment for July. I did so and the second week of June I recieved a bill for July payment. I called in and they told me it was my misunderstanding and the money sent in was a contribution payment that was not applied to anything. I told them to review phone conversations from May 5 and 6 and they told me that I had to write a written request for them to pull the conversations. I did send in a written request and after weeks of not hearing anything I called in on June 28th and spoke to someone and they said they could handle it and applied the fund correctly and said the payment for July would take affect on July 2. I did not owe for July. On July 8th I looked and it still says I owe for July payment and I will now have a late payment and will be kicked out of the program. I called on July 8th and they said I owe and it was my misunderstanding again. I said to review phone conversations on June 28th and see and they would not. Is there anyway to hold Wells Fargo accountable. It is like they did this on purpose to get more money. I have worked so hard and wasted so much time and energy and still nothing. I need help. I do not have the money for July payment and all charges for their mistakes. I also did not recieve any notice after June 28 phone call that I owe the money.
Beasley Allen
Jul 9, 2010 9:03
I'm sorry to hear that you've had so much back and forth with Wells Fargo and that it is causing you so much stress.
We would be glad to review your information to see if you may have a case against Wells Fargo. Please email us at with your contact information and we will have an attorney review your case at no charge.
Melissa Fridlin – Public Relations Assistant
Beasley Allen
Jul 12, 2010 21:37
J. Stacey
Jul 13, 2010 7:45
My husband and I have been tring to re-modify our loan with Wells Fargo for 10 months. Our story is similar to many others. We get the run around on a regular basis. One day they tell us to re-send documentation, then they say they never received it or haven't heard from us in months???? A couple months ago they did tell us that we did not qualify but then said that we might qualify for another program and we would have to re-submit paperwork. So here we are again sending in paperwork, calling, being told they never received our papework, receiving phone calls from them stating they have been trying to reach us for months. It's absolutely disgusting.
Me too
Aug 11, 2010 13:25
I am disabled,6` years old.. Called Wells Fargo for mortgage help in January, 2009. I was not in default on my loan then; first, I was told they couldn't help me unless I was three months behind. Then, in April, I got what I now know was a package for a HAMP modification. Went into the trial period, which should've ended in July of 2009. Did everything right-housing counselor, etc. Many, many calls later, over the Thanksgiving weekend, I spoke to a "manager" who sent out a non-HAMP modification that increased my principal without itemizing the increase. Paniced. HUD approved counselor said "don't sign" I didn't; did send a letter back saying I was still interested in a HAMP modification. Talked to HUD counselor again, who suggested I contact Fannie Mae. Did that. Bad move. In January 2010, was placed on a second trial period (with lower payment reflecting lowered income). In June, received a call asking for pay stubs; I sighed, told the person that I had been told a month earlier that all information I needed to provide had been provided. and had been through two trial periods. This woman actually tried to help: Called me the afternoon of June 4 to tell she had taken my file personally to finalmodification and that a modificaton package (HAMP) should arrive in 2-4 weeks. Instead, got a call from someone in the "Presidient's Office"–demanding more documents and syaing that time was limited because of a "complaint from my investor (Fannie Mae);I responded through my local congressman's office; his assistant called same man,who told her firmly that I needed to send all new materials. In seven days. Did that: faxed 42 pages of documentation; what I received back was a non-HAMP modification (dated the same day I had faxed them) that didn't touch the interest rate, added the balance of payments not made in full (meaning HAMP trial payments); my payment would be increased beyond what i was when I first asked for help. I didn't sign it, wrote letter back saying I remained interested in HAMP modification. Pres. office guy told me that HAMP was now out of the question and since I hadn't taken the other one I had to start the entire process over again with Loss Mitigation. Received letter saying if I didn't pay my "default" balance of more than ten grand by end of
August I would get accelleration letter, next step, foreclosure. Have contacted my senators office but now have also filed for internal W.F. mod so that I don't get foreclosed. How do these people sleep at night? Interested attorneys: I have documented every interaction with Wells Fargo by name, date and time since I asked for help in January 2009. I would love to sue.
Me too
Aug 11, 2010 13:26
That's supposed to be 61 years old. Sorry, I am very stressed.
Aug 16, 2010 9:27
I agree with all of you and will contact Mr. Allen for assistance. Wells Fargo is full of criminals and they are not nearly as smart as they try to make themselves out to be. I too have done all of the back and forth with them and have logged over 800 minutes of phone time with them since June 2010.
I really do believe that the Loss Mitigation department, Collections, and every other department has been thoroughly trained in their bait and switch deceptive practices. They've met their match with me though, and I think they realize it. Just the other day one of the senior loan officers slipped and told me that their investors don't care one way or the other if any modifications are made. He also said "It's not that we're trying NOT to do modifications but"…then he stopped.
I sued a major car dealership several years ago for deceptive practices, and WON. I just want you all to stay strong, keep good notes, and keep on keeping on. No matter how dark the situation looks, DON'T GIVE UP! Together, we'll beat Wells Fargo. I can be contacted at
Cat West
Aug 17, 2010 11:34
Formal Complaint –Wells Fargo intractable tactics and inaccurate dealings regarding our home loan. Disregarding our homeowners rights and changing facts to flatly refuse our numerous requests for any consideration to prevent foreclosure. I have made complaints regarding their procedures and found all federal programs provide no real incentives for or penalties against the lender. The HUD counseling offers merely a toothless tiger that has no influence or effect on the lender. I am planning legal actions against them for numerous failures in abiding the rules of the programs they claim to comply with and promote.
OUR HOME – since 1989
6451 Greenbush Ave Van Nuys, Ca 91401
As we await the next correspondence from Wells Fargo, we try to understand why the loss mitigation department has rejected us twice for the HAMP program, miss apportioned our payments and misrepresented their intentions and procedures. We have been told untruths regarding our payments made from February 2010 through August 2010. Although we have demonstrated a sincere effort to meet our financial obligation and have clearly shown our desire to keep our home, we have found an uncooperative lender unwilling to find a solution. Even as we have demonstrated good faith and made every payment requested, we continue to accrue fees and penalties without consideration or explanation.
Our situation is deadly serious, but sadly not unique. Due to the lengthy WGA strike in 2007 and the loss of television production in Los Angeles, we fell behind on our property tax payments in 2008. With little warning, Wells Fargo paid the taxes in January 2010 and established a TAX ESCROW account that increased our payment by 1292.18 per month almost doubling our monthly payment. Payment was 1453.81 since August 2005 and paid on time every month, their actions caused the payment to jump to 2745.99. When we called to inquire, they offered a LOAN MODIFICATION TRIAL. This started a spiral that now we are struggling to recover from. This trial offer was never explained and the consequences of their actions have now put us in a much worse financial situation.
As our financial problems worsened because of unemployment and loss of business income, we sold all valuable assets in 2008 and tried cutting our expenses. But with rising costs and diminishing income we've found it extremely difficult to make ends meet driving our credit cards up and our ability to recover less likely. After months of seeking employment, the first job offered to my husband this YEAR began in May. The stress was so overwhelming, he suffered a STROKE on May 21st 2010 that has caused him to become DISABLED. We are in need of SPECIAL CONSIDERATION, but have been treated very badly by our lender in spite of our lengthy history of REGULAR payments for 21 years and our sincere efforts to remedy the situation.
Now, with a disabled husband and a school age child, I am left to fend for myself in this situation. In spite of monthly payments, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has sent a collection notice threatening to accelerate their foreclosure procedures against us in without consideration for our Herculean efforts to make payments and negotiate with their customer service and loss mitigation departments. Although they have cashed every check I've sent and run me ragged trying to comply with their requests for documentation, they have offered us NOTHING and caused me tremendous stress attempting to protect our home from their predatory practices. They are forcing me to take legal actions to protect our rights and homestead.
Seems like this is a pattern of behavior that is well documented by the public. What can we do other than sue them?
Catherine West
Aug 17, 2010 12:30
I am very sorry to hear about your situation. Trust me, I am now working to help us all. I will keep you updated on my progress.
Aug 17, 2010 12:52
I just thought of something. The customer service reps must get some type of bonus each time a modification is successfully "squashed". Why else would EVERYONE you speak with try SO hard to knock you down and discourage you whenever you call. In most companies, customer service tries to do whatever they can to help you during hard times. This must be part of Well's training module…..STOP THE MODIFICATION….GET THE BONUS! If you actually think about it, only 1 modification could cost Well's $50,000 or more in borrower savings over the course of the loan. It would be no problem for them to offer a $2,000-$5,000 bonus for blocking the modification. HMMMM….something to think about!
Aug 17, 2010 19:10
We were 1 MONTH behinf..1 and so we called Wells Fargo in January of 2009- the rep told us there were tons of new programs but we needed to be further behind so he told us NOT to pay our mortgage for 6 months and then they would put us into a program…Well low and behold we did not pay for 6 months and we were denied–all 6 months of past payments were due immediatley- well if we couldnt pay one month behinf how were we supposed to pay 6? they put us into 2 more programs and and we began monthly mortgage payments again. After being denied 2 programs we were told we were not in immediate danger of forcloseure so we didnt qualify they then put us into another program one with a "Trial period "13 months after we initially began this process. We needed to supply all of our paperwork for the millionth time and we had to make 3 monthly "Tial" payments. We made 3 monthly trial payments and were then supplied with a letter that we were reason..just that we didnt qualify. Oh AND the 3 payments we made were not "Mortgage' payments so now we were even further behind on our mortgage- BUT now we were in danger of immedate forclosure. So we were put into ANOTHER program- had to re-supply our paperwork..Just recieved our mortgage motification agreement…They changed our mortgage from a 30 year mortgage to a 50 year mortgage..Kept out rate the same 8%- our payments went up $30 a month and they added $23,000 to the total price we owe on our house. They told us we have 10 days to sign and return along with a payment of $2019 that doesnt apply to anything or they will forclose. WTF am I supposed to do now? All because I was 1 month behing. Wells Fargo is making us agree to thousands of dollars in interest. I am soo tempted to tell them to keep the Damn house. See if they can sell it in this economy…but I have 2 kids and dont want to put them through it. I have a job so does my husband. I cant believe Wells Fargo screwd us soo bad.
Cat West
Aug 18, 2010 7:22
Is there any way to get Wells Fargo Loan Modification training materials? Perhaps they have documented their own harmful tactics into their training materials and instructions. Perhaps they are distributed to their workers online. As a graphic designer, I often produce training materials and they can spell out the policy they have adopted very clearly.
Every time they call me, they have a script…… May I first confirm the address….this is an effort to collect on a debt etc….Has anyone seen the script they use? I sure would like to.
Scott Hall
Aug 28, 2010 8:49
Wells Fargo approved my loan modifaction loan for 18 months. Not any of the funds were applied to my principal. They have been deceitful and comtempt from the beginning. President Obama should have a complete investigation done with what they have done to me and many others. I have support from Government officials in my state of Michigan. Let' see if Wells Fargo honors their empty promises and the money the stole from many home owners. The President of the Bank should be terminated.
The worse part …I haven't missed one payment to them. Depending on who I spoke with the story was always different.
Sep 6, 2010 12:29
I have come yo the end of my rope its been three months with wells and as all of you lost paper work ,people neer call you back .At this time I am told that its in neogiations woth BofA if so why have they not told me if i qualifie ?should they have told me if we have gotten this far any help on this would be appricated
Beasley Allen
Sep 7, 2010 10:00
We would be glad to review your information to see if you may have a case against Wells Fargo. Please email us at with your contact information and we will have an attorney review your case at no charge.
Scott Thomas
Beasley Allen
Sep 12, 2010 10:50
Thank you for your kind offer and would appricate as much help as possible .if you could contact me via e-mail that would be great .
Joseph M.
Oct 20, 2010 15:37
Hi I live in Texas and been living in my home since 2004 just recently I fell short of making payments and been 2 months behind due to finacial setbacks and going thru a seperation . Having to stop paying for credit cards and giving up alot of things I tried to to apply for a load modification wiuth Wells Fargo. I was denied due to my deficit being at 60% . I asked them that doesnt make sense then you should approve me then since im unable to make the current payments. Just frustrated now over this whole thing Ive never missed a payment with wells fargo until recently and it seems like they dont want to work with me something has got give I say. I said im not going to give up on this. so I called again to reapply for a load mod and still no luck. It just seems like they want to foreclose and not help out people especially ones that been loyal and always made there payments on time. I just dont know what to do anymore. Im cuurently seeking bankruptcy for all my past debt and My home is the only thing im holding on to . I dont want to lose that. I feel like there is something to do and I feel wells fargo are evil crooks. What are they going to gain from all of this ? You would think they would lose more money on foreclosures and houses just sitting there for months, maybe years.
Linda Posey
Nov 18, 2010 22:50
I am so very disappointed by the tactics of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage!! I have completed two trial periods and have been denied in both situations. I insisted that I speak with the person that makes the modification decisions and asked to have the entire documentation reviewed. The representative, of whom you are not allowed to have direct contact, told me monthly gifts from my family are not allowed as income unless that person lives in the residence. In the past my family has been subjected to submitting personal bank statements, payroll records and signed documents certifying a monthly gift obligation from my family. The parameters seem to change as you speak to different representatives. It is truly a frustrating situation!! I was awarded Social Security Disability 18 months ago. My income was reduced 75%; if that is not a reason to be able to receive an FHA/HAMP modification I do no believe anyone will EVER be awarded a modification.
Nov 29, 2010 0:12
I have been undergoing a supposed loan modification/repayment plan for 22 months. I lost a job, lost income, the home was one that I was building and upon completion it was broken into and 40k in damages done which pushed my closing date back by 3 months in order to make the repairs, my rate went up 3% during the delay of my closing. I have been more than financially capable of making my payments for over the past year but I cant beg Wells Fargo to give me a payment or put me on a plan, I have paid lump sums, paid trial periods of payments etc and nothing they just keep delaying it. three weeks ago they finally called and said I am now in review and they needed certain documents, including full monthly bank transactions etc. I told them it might take me about 1-1/2 weeks to gather up all the info needed and the representitive assigned to my case told me that was fine, I returned all the documents requested before 2 weeks and received a letter from Wells Fargo stating I wasnt approved for any sort of modification because I didnt meet the due dates on the documents requested. I had spoken to 4 representitives with Wells Fargo that week and let them all know when I would be sending the doc's in, not a single one told me there was a due date. I called the man assigned to my case and even asked him why he never told me there was due dates on my paperwork and he admitted to not telling me and stated that we usually give 10 days for documents and yours took 11 or 12, so now they are threatening me with foreclosure or short sale and I have been waiting on them for 22 months. They even have my home deeded at the wrong address. I have no idea what to do!
Nov 30, 2010 3:04
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T. Carter
Dec 10, 2010 13:06
I am looking for a laywer to sue Wells Fargo. La,Ca Please contact me
A. Colbert
Dec 11, 2010 12:01
I would love to sue Wells Fargo!!!!!! I was laid of in January of 2009. I was given a temporary modification for 3 months. If I became employed during that 3 months, the modification would become permanent. I became employed during my 3 month modification and now they are telling my husband they never agreed to permanently modifying our loan. Too bad I wrote down everything the young lady told us during the NACA event and read the information back to her. We are about to lose our home over some lies!!!! I am very disappointed in Wells Fargo and will be leaving them as a customer as soon as I save my home!!!!!!
Dec 21, 2010 2:59
I HATE WELLS FARGO! My experience in the past was when my Mother passed away and I had probate court documents to obtain access to her Wells Fargo accounts. The employee did not know the meaning of "deceased" I asked to speak to the bank manager. He would not accept the court documents and the probate judge had to contact the CEO of Wells Fargo in SF; she was not happy. It isn't just the problems with mortgages, modifications, it is the entire organization! And now I have to contend with Wells Fargo since my mortgage was with Wachovia. I keep a tape recorder and pad of paper by my phone just in case Wells Fargo ever calls me; I do not trust anything they say and they will rarely put anything in writing. All I have to do is say I am recording the phone call. Good luck everyone!
Kim Little
Jan 1, 2011 14:04
My situation is similar to all the above. Lost my home to wells fargo 10/2010. I never missed a payment in ten years until two months prior to asking for a modificaiton in 11/2009 due to lost of income. I rebuilt this house with insurance and own money in 2007 due to afire all the while i kept my payments up. wells fargo is theives. in the day. Help if at all possible. My equity was 300,000 i only had a couple more years of the 15 year mortgage to pay. Me, my nine childre and husband are now displaced with ruiined credit.
Luis Luciano
Jan 2, 2011 17:29
I have been going through the same thing you all have been. I applied for a loan modification and waited over a year and half to get one. When I finally got it I was told not to make payments for three months (mind you I have never been behind in my payments) after the three months trail. I was denied the modification and my payment was inscreased by $200. I tried calling for over three months and have gotten no where. So I decided that maybe I can run a credit report on me and see if I can switch companies. To my surprise Wells Fargo reported me to the credit burrau and now my credit is shot. I have called them everyday asking them to please send me something and to please correct the problem with my credit. I gotten no where and was just sent a letter stating that we stand by our letter. Is anyone going through the same thing and if you are is there anything I can do? I really want to get rid of this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 24, 2011 17:01
I have been trying to modify my loan with Wells Fargo in Van Nuys California since Feb 2010 – they told me that I needed to stop paying my mortgage in order to get their attention and so long as my payments were current it didn't appear as tho I have any financial hardship. I have kept my documents current and my hardship afidavit, tax info etc… I am single and self employed and am not making ends meet in any way. My income has been cut to 1/3 or less of what it was and I've lost my health insurance – now the COBRA is at $465.00 month.
IT IS A TOTAL SCAM. They say someone is assigned to my case and that it is "in review" for months and months. No way to access the processor or a supervisor. Patronizing customer service who then just throw you back in the cue of calls – it is enough to make you seriously broken down emotionally. I am at my wits end! Please notify if a class action lawsuit is coming forward. Thanks
Jan 27, 2011 14:31
how do i get in on this lawsuit they totally screwed the husband and i, now were so far in debt there is no way out!
Jan 27, 2011 18:20
Is there any way out of this mess?? Does anyone know what to do is there an answer Its making me nuts for over a year its terrorism to people in a bad economy we want to work this out and keep our home they call day and night and never can help us and keep asking the same questions, then have auto dialing call and then call cell phones and never come up with an answer… how do I keep my home i owe so much and am upside down need a new roof have no insurance and still try to find a way to fix this and they say no!! they are not doing modifications how can the be allowed not to participate in HAMP its a government program is wells Fargo an American company??? So how can they be exempt from helping us all of us in this mess its cruel and unjust!! What happened to out right to be an American I cant afford a lawyer now i tried to go to court myself they just do not care it would have been better to have put us in the street after 30 days then to prolong this false hope we have that we will find an answer it is wrong you cant treat [people like this especially as we called them before we were late and they said they could not help us untill we were 3 months past due WTF!!! pardon my anger but this is not right in any way!! The homes should not have been appraised higher the appraisers got their money and no fault goes on them so who is dipping into whose pocket they should all be accountable The whole system is corrupt and us the poor slobs that paid for all these years can not get help we are willing to pay and work out an agreement cant pay 4500 a month plus tax and Insurance anymore the house is half now in value do the math its impossible cheaper to rent somewhere. Is there any help for any of us in this situation can anyone give a real answer look like i am out in a few months waiting every day for the knock on the door for the 90 days before I have to leave my nerves are shot….
Said Okur
Feb 2, 2011 19:12
I'm in the same situation as most of these people here with WF. I didn't have a job and income for 5 months and they just dragged it, didn't start the loan modification process by just asking for the same things over and over again. Even if I faxed it they kept calling everyday for the same info and when I stopped answering the calls they said, they were asking for info (same info I gave 100 times) and I didn't reply their call so I should start over.
When I was finally in a "trial period" which was more than what I was paying before I was 10 days late on a payment and they automatically kicked me out of it.
I'm looking to work with a lawyer against WF. We're in Santa Clara, California.
Feb 3, 2011 17:36
I am in the same situation, tried modification several times – same story, documents never received, lost, so on…I am in chapter 13 BK and now unemployed. Very interested in being part of this lawsuit.
Igor from California
Tammy Bennett
Feb 6, 2011 9:28
Ditto…. Same situation here in GA. Collectively, WF/Wachovia is ruining us financially; we stand to lose everything. What started out as a simple lot loan in FL in 2005 has turned into the biggest nightmare of our lives. After 2 yrs of paying the note (interest-only), it matured (2007). The economy had begun its rapid decent and we could not pay the amount due which forced us to refinance. Since the lot was worth much less that it was 2 yrs prior, they 'said' they could not loan us the full amount. So…. They came up with a crafty solution to take a second on our home to cover ¼ of the balance and a line of credit to cover another ¼. Ha! You can imagine the mess we're in now since the lot has gone into foreclosure.
We hired an attorney and while going through the discovery process, we uncovered an incredible amount of mortgage fraud:
1) seller did not own the lot nor was that fact disclosed to us (the seller, and a co-conspirator flipped 5 consecutive lots in one day; they purchased each lot for $150k and resold each the same day for ~$430k; all transactions are recorded in the Clerk of Courts but were not recorded at the time of our closing);
2) closing/title agent issued the title commitment correctly showing the chain of title… however, he did not provide us a copy nor did he tell us (emails show he was in close communication with the seller, and loan officer at WF regarding the commitment);
3) Closing agent issued a fraudulent HUD-1 at closing which did not show monies issued to 3rd parties, the co-conspirator (which did exist in the attorney's ledger);
4) Both the original and refi loan applications, the bank inflated our assets and reported about 1/10th of our liabilities which grossly inflated our net worth. I believe they call this predatory lending!
5) Fraudulent service of process by ProVest (commonly called sewer service). We never received the notification of foreclosure. I called the clerk's office to inquire about something else, and found out we were served 7 weeks prior. The papers were notarized and recorded in the clerk's office. The doc stated the papers were delivered to our home, and left with a co-resident named xxx. We do not have a co-resident!
In 2009, we tried desperately to refinance with WF to bring the 'loans' into an affordable range (we were forced to close my husbands' company and lost 60% of our income). After one, grueling year navigating their so-called loan mod process (lost documents, constantly having to start over, no return phone calls, collection harassment) they mailed some sort of payment lowering modification documents. What a joke! Each of the 3 payments was reduced by one-half; however, the terms were for two years and no mention of what would happen at the close of the two years. OMG! I would be nuts to sign this…. But I did sign two of them because I could not pay otherwise. The WF collections agent I spoke with encouraged me to take the offers as 'they were really good deals'.
Now in 2011, our credit is ruined, we are in litigation with the lender who keeps filing motions to delay the end, we can't pay our bills; and spending money we don't even have to fight Wells. We are living hand-to-mouth trying to survive; we can't even get approval for a gas card.
I filed a complaint in 2010 with the OCC… what a waste. Is there any way to initiate a class-action suit against them in FL??
Boris Sverev
Feb 11, 2011 21:56
I've been dealing with WF for over two years. I'm tired of their stall tactics and deceptions. Although as of three days ago, after i received a call from WF telling me she just received a very large package from my attorney, she is going to "suspence" any action (it's in foreclosure as of 1/24/11) pending reviewing the submittted doc's for a modification. Four previous requests were submitted by me and my wife and were denied based on not receiving requested information. Yet they cannot state with an specificity the date of the letter or what was requested. As of today(2/11/11) file is still in active foreclosure. While pursusing the modification I don't want to waste any more time, I don't trust WF. I want to file suit against Well Fargo over the hell they have been putting us through. There are too many attorneys sending me mailers all statingi how well they do against the bank. I don't trust most of then either… how do you about finding an attorney. I have enough money saved for an attorney, I just need to located a credible one out here in Southern California, Orange County area. Anybody have a name or number of a trustworthy attorney??
cat p
Feb 16, 2011 9:30
I am reading all this stuff about Wells Fargo, and I agree with all of this. I to am in almost the same boat as all of you. However, there has to be an attorney out there to sue these people. They are frauds!!! Also if there isn't an attorney out there to sue then they should have a class action suite against them. This is what needs to be done and done asap. We all need help against these people. I did not choose them they bought out my mtg. loan, and they do not even put my monthly mortgage payments to my contracted payments. I really do not know what they are doing with my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They say I am behind seven months of payments. I sent in all proof that they were paid, however they haven't answered on this. There are other things here as well.
They do not care, and if there is any attorney out there to take them on LET'S Get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Class act is a way to go as well. The gov. should get involved with this SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Of Wells Fargo!!!!!!!!!
cat p
Feb 16, 2011 9:35
I can be e-mailed at,
I live in New York, and I am looking for a attorney that will take the case against Wells Fargo, or e-mail me and let's get a class act against them going asap!
All WF clients please e-mail me and let us all join forces to get a class suite against them.
Thank you
Tim in AK
Feb 16, 2011 16:28
Wells Fargo is screwing us as well. 5 months and numerous phone calls, numerous submittals of paperwork to them, no return phone calls and on and on and on. Talked with David Rush(800-853-8516) with the Office of the President, he buttered me up, said he would personally see that my case is reviewed, passed it off to another person(Terry Stone…who passed it on to another person(Diana Carrol(sp)) and said I could call him at any time. I tried, could not get past the phone guard. Talked with Terry Stone(800-853-8516 ext. 40464) at the Office of the President, she too stalled and never returned phone calls.
We have a consult with a lawyer here in Alaska and we will see what happens.
I would like to ask anyone with information that might be useful to us, documents, recorded phone conversations, etc. to send me an email and let me know, before sending mass stuff to my email, and let me know if what you have might be of use to us. I will kindly return the favor with any information we get from the consultation with the lawyer.
I have a letter from Wells Fargo(Ben Windust – Senior Vice President) with my loan number listed at the top and a due date for the paperwork it was attached to. The due date is 12-01-10. The date of the letter is January 13, 2011.
This is nothing more than the rich people trying to keep their riches while us REAL Americans suffer. And suffer we do. It's pure greed.
People in Tunisia, Egypt and other countries are rising up against their leaders and taking back "their" countries. Someone, some well versed lawyer(s)… please work your magic and turn this thing around for us. Don't do it for the money, do it because it is right. Period. I'm sure you, the lawyer, will get paid though. hahahahaha…..
Someone….PLEASE do the right thing.
Tim Jaronik
Saul Golan
Feb 23, 2011 9:05
I am reading all this stuff about Wells Fargo, and I agree with all the people that are in a similar situation
I have been trying to modify my loan with Wells Fargo for about 18 month. Finally, 5 month ago I have received a letter that I am qualified for HAMP mortgage and I went through a 3 month trial period and paid d all my payment on time, but I did not received permanent loan modification as I was promised.
what should I do know?
Saul Golan
edna larry
Feb 26, 2011 10:33
Mar 3, 2011 2:23
Wells Fargo provided the loan for my home and now a group of Investors is trying to take it away. I chose Wells Fargo because of the people at the branch. If I had known strangers would end up with my loan I would have gone somewhere else.
I was first told by Wells Fargo I could not do a loan modification until I was late now I am 21 months behind and now I am told the "Investors" don't do permanent loan modifications and will not comply with the HAMP program or any other program. Why are they telling me now that there is a sale date of March 22, 2011? Why didn't they say this in the beginning? Their press release dated May 17, 2010 states Wells Fargo has 146,000 borrowers who have made their HAMP trial payments. Why not me?
After making 60 interest only payments Wells Fargo has a trustee sale date of March 22, 2011. Now they have taken my money and now they want to take my home.
Mar 3, 2011 2:36
Boris Sverev ,
I am dealing with an attorney in L.A. Send me an email and we'll
Gloria McFarland
Mar 3, 2011 14:14
I have also been a victem of this scam, I got a call from them telling me to send Sept, 2010 payment and they would get me a modification, with a 99% guarantee. This is March, 2011 and I have not heard from this loan, and they promised it would be completed before Christmas. They have started foreclosure, and have not mentioned the modification
Mar 12, 2011 13:29
I receievd a Loan Modifcation. Prior to receiving the document, I was required to make three bulk payments that were in excess of $4000 each. The verbiage says that after the trial period there "may" be additional balances due. Then, WF required more than $5000 additional payment for an undefined "unpaid balance" within 10 days. I couldn't come up with that much money. They had just cleaned me out of all my savings. They forced me to breach the contract and my home was up for auction, just after cleaning me out. As a result of all this, i've fallen behind on all my other bills. Insurance, electrical, phone. Work is scarce, jobs are hard to find, and each job gets 100 applicants. I'm self-employed hustling anything I can find to make ends meet. I contacted my local news which got me to someone in the executive office and an extension on my auction date. The $5000 payment has now gone up, and they are offering to pick up the ball on the original modification, if I can come up with the unpaid balance. Then I have two months of payments that will be due. Then, my April payment. That's over $8000 more dollars they are requiring me to come up with in order to HELP ME my home "affordable"? AFter i've already paid them $14500. The clock is ticking. I don't have much time. If i'm able to borrow money from someone and pay them, i'm affraid they'l take my money and force me into foreclosure anyways. Why can't they forgive these balances that put the modification just out of reach, after all this time delaying it? I made 6 regular mortgage payments after being laid off until I fell into default. I had no choice. Why can't they forgive their profits to help THE PEOPLE? Where is the HUMANITY? They don't need to profit off THE PEOPLE hit hardest by the economy. They're stocks are doing well. We need debt and fee forgiveness, not clean us out before forcing us homeless with no money, shot credit, and the highest unemployment rate since the great depression. Somebody with some power! HELP US!
Mar 12, 2011 15:18
Hi I cant believe how many other people are with me. My name is Lena and Wellsfargo has been screwing me around since September 2009. My story is pretty much the same. Wellsfargo has offered me 4 trial modifications because they screwed up. I have jumped through hoops doing everything they told me to do. They even didn't except the 3rd payment of the final trial modifications and now they are going forward with a foreclosure stating it was my fault. I am now at the end and cant believe that I am going through this. Get this! I was not late nor did I miss any mortgage payments when this all started. I called them to see what I could do before I was going to LATE. All the financial experts state that if you are having a problem call your mortgage company and work something out. This is what I was doing. Wellsfargo offered me a loan modification under the Obama plan. Now I am going to forecloser because of their constant screw ups. If you can help me please contact me. I live in York, PA help me direct me please.
Mar 22, 2011 13:33
What I could tell you!!! … this is the most amazing challenge I have fought in my 41 years of age …Not only that, but the main problem here, is that no matter what I have done to avoid this Foreclosure procedures and how much time and energy I have invested in the matter, the bank institutions are not willing to fairly negotiate a plan to keep me in the property that me, my wife and my 4 kids call home. They haven't even given me, @ least the possibility, of offering us a plan or a way to overcome hardship times. As those we suffered in the past few years… They just used their technical resources, within the law itself , to drive us into the option that better satisfied their side of this amazing and prolonged equation. And this is not fair … @ all.
Short resume of the situation:
It all started back in June 2008; I suffered Kidney failure, just like that, from one day to another. It was very hard not only for me but also for my family to overcome this amazing illness. It took me more than 3 weeks of hospitalization and another 4 months of treatment, medicines and diets and a lots of guts, to fully recover my kidney functions , and thanks God that I was able to over come the illness . Now!!! In doing so we stretched our savings and our money allowances to the bottom. 6 months after that (by January 2009) I defaulted in my mortgage payments. By that time I was also loosing income due to the economical crisis we lived in 2009. Due to that economic crisis, my employer urged us to allow cuts in our salaries up to 21%.We agreed to the conditions and my salary was cut 21 % ….
And from there we have been trying to negotiate with Wells Fargo. But we have never been offer anything but a foreclosure. Or other means of loosing our property…we went to 2 mediations and in the last one we find out our FHA loan was sold to a new financial institution named BSI that is only offering us 2 options, a short sale or the deed lieu process.
And this was done with us giving the best of our time and the best possible representation we could afford, with and Attorney representing us and a HUD foreclosure prevention authority working side by side one to each other.We did encounter so many obstacle from our own attorney to the bank institution to the HUD counselor not been able to fully represent us @ the time of more needed representation… and the end we are in the down hill for this 2 options specified above with BSI .
I most say … I hope that I am the only head of house hold going through this, but I know I am not the only one …I will like to know what are the possibilities here, within our government and our community. I am very disappointed with this government. Very …very disappointed with the way banks are managing for their own benefit and they are forgetting the backbone of any economic system….. Those are us the working class……
How come the insured FHA loan I had was sold … ? why—?and how come i was not able to be offered any fair negotiation..?
Apr 7, 2011 15:11
Wells Fargo are crooks and liars. That sounds horrible but after three years of trying to get a loan mod I give up. They finally sent me a Loan Mod that gives me the same payment that I had !! I decided to try and keep paying it so I signed the papers and retuned the payment they asked for. I did this via certified mail. I got a return letter from Wells Fargo via certified mail a week later. it said to call them. I called Wells Fargo and they told me the Investors changed their minds about giving me a mod!! After i signed and returned their documents with the payment!!! Then they told me now the Investors wanted $20,000 to even consider a loan mod!!! The only reason they even offered the mod is because I hired an attorney to get me a mod. Now I am in foreclosure!!! Why are the banks allowed to treat us like this?? They lie and even steal from us!! Is that what America has come to?/
Apr 9, 2011 12:40
I have been really going through it with wells fargo the sent me an eviction notice after I paid my 3 trail period payments they told me the forclosure stoppage did not reach the eveiction lawyer. Then they sent a letter saying I was missing documents then they sent another letter saying I already had a modifiaction. Well guess what now their ass is grass I found a company that handles all of this crap they have sued wells fargo and kept me in my house while suing they wells fargo they stopped my eviction. This company does Post foreclosure cases include an all-inclusive lawsuit,including all filing fees, preparation, forensic audit, securitization audit, expert witnesses, research attorneys, experienced trial attorneys, and more. Wells fargo does not like the courts they can't legally get away with this while in the eyes of the court. My house was forclosed on about 2 months ago but Im still in it and they will end up makeing me an offer beucase so for this company is killing them in the courts lol. We can fight back now check out this website and even google them this company does not play and will help fight the modifcation battle and even if you have been forclosed on they can stop eviction you can get help with these crooked banks.
Apr 18, 2011 8:31
We called and wrote this letter to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage for 8 years with our paper work and never help us.
We are contacting you today to request a loan modification for our property. We are requesting that you review our financial situations to see if we qualify for any loan modification. We are having problems making our monthly payments because of financial difficulties. We don't want to lose our house. Is it possible to have my current adjustable rate mortgage converted to a fixed rate? Our mortgage (Wells Fargo) is $1,641.47 with 11.750% low and $2,009.32 with 12.250% high.
I have worked for 42 years at my same Company. Few years ago my wife lost her job cause of her back injury from the breaking of a chair and her doctors told her to stay at home and not to work any jobs and signed the paper to get her Social Security Disability but that's not much to cover for our bills. I have my alimony (ex-wife) for 14 years $750.00/mo and still continue to pay. Last year I talked my boss about my problem of finance so they gave me one hour extra per day. It helped me out with our budget for few months then we got new president and vice president, they changed every things and lay-off 28 employees and cut my hours working. My job is 12.5 miles one way with expense for gas and cost of living. We borrowed money from our friends and family in order to keep the bills down. We know that they have programs to help people's problems but why not us. Other one more thing few months ago we paid $1,800.00 to Smart Financial Solution for the loan modification after few months nothing to help us as we tried to contact with them but they disconnected. We are hearing-impaired and we feel that they are descriminating against us. So please help us and what to do. Thanks.
740 936-0772 VP
Apr 28, 2011 15:28
I am in a little different situation as all of you as we stayed on a temporary modification with Wells Fargo for 20 months!!! I lost my job the month before I had my second child and we applied for the program the day that I go laid off. With 2 small children I could not find a day job that paid enough to cover daycare plus bring home any kind of income, so I was on unemployment until I finally found a job in December (19 months later). We qualified for a temporary modification and were told from the very beginning that after 6 months we would qualify for hte permanent program. However, after paying our modified payments every month on time, we continued to receive letters saying that they were going to foreclose on our house. We called every time and they told us to ignore hte letters that we were fine as long as we sent the agreed upon amount. After the first 6 months they told us that the rules had changed and we then did not qualify for a permanent modification because they could not consider unemployment as income and we did not make enough to qualify! I thought this was for people that didn't make enough but apparntly not! We were given two more "temporary" modifications in which we have paid every single month on time. We finally got approved for a permanent modification now that I have found a job. However, because my job is an hour and a half away from our house we need to sell it. We continued to ask them how much we owed to pay off our loan the entire time and the amount did not go up. When we look at our loan online from the start to now, it has gone down just slightly. However, we got our paperwork in the mail for our permanent modification and they have added $12000 to our loan! They say that it is the amount that we did not pay during the 20 months of modification and that they tack it on to the loan, but I don't understand how our total loan amount could go up $12,000? The loan amount is now more than what our original loan was and we now cannot sell our house if we have to pay this much because it will not get paid off wiht the price we have to sell at. We also found out that all 19 months that we paid a modified payment Wells Fargo reported us as delinquent so we now have screwed up credit! So, for those of you that did not get approved- it might be a good thing because even if you do they are going to screw you over even more, mess up your credit, and make it so that you owe so much that you might as well have foreclosed in the first place! We now have 10 days to sign htis paperwork and I'm not sure who to talk to. I found this website and will be contacting someone for advice.
shulamis adelman
May 5, 2011 14:30
I have also a terrible situation with wells fargo and need help. they agreed to a loan modiification with us may 2010, first they asked us fro 2,000 in good faith, then they asked us for 4500 in good faith and after they send us the papers and we sign them they asked us to give another 1319.00 to them. Well we did all this, none of the money was applied as of this day to our knowledge. Then we did not hear from them again, and did not know when to start making more payments, when we called they never gave us a straight answer and told us to wait for the coupon booklet. 4 months passed, finally they sent us letters they sold our mortgage to bsi and we should make all payments to them from january on. We thought they had taken us out of foreclosure because we made the modification adn they sent us a letter of agreement to accept the loan modification.
We sent bsi the first payment, which was sent back to us asking us for more, we sent them another check, and also never heard back from them.. But meanwhile wells fargo apparantly did not take us out of foreclosure, even though they do not even own our mortgage anymore,
It gets crazier and crazier, now they say even though we have an agreement with them, they will not honor it anymore. How can they foreclose if they don't own the note any longer? Wouldnto bsi
s name have to be on the foreclosure in order for us to be forclosed on? Also, we have 3 different mortgage papers with wells fargo, with 3 different interest rates, also the payments are different on each of the papers. Also originally when we re mortgaged in 2006 it was to lower our interest rate, but it actually made the rate higher than before.
Probably a forensic mortgage reader would find many more mistakes then I can find with reading the mortgage.
I wish there was someone out there to help me to sue wells forgo, for false leading and lending of our mortgage,
Is anyone else in this situation? Can Wells Fargo still foreclose on me if they are not the owners of then note ayy longer? Can I take the rest of the cash value out of the home?
They are the worst people to deal with and bsi has threatened us that they can foreclose even if they are not listed on the papers? Is this true?
Jun 6, 2011 10:04
My situation is similiar to many of yours. I've been living in foreclosure for almost 3 years now. Denied for HAMP 3 times but put into a 3 month in-house trial modification. We made payments for 9 months. When we received our permanent package the payment was almose double the trial payment which was double from the first place. We have since had to file a bankruptcy. Wells Fargo CONSTANTLY says they didn't receive my paperwork even when i send it CERTIFIED!! I would be interested in suing Wells Fargo now that they have ruined our good credit. Please if anyone knows of what i can do let me know.
Jun 6, 2011 20:13
we have been going through the same we filed for a modifaction back in sept of 2009 after hurricane ike they said everything looked good i called 3 times week sent in all they told me too told me every time i called it as looking good then i get a letter from a lawyer saying they sold my mortgage gave me the number to the pace i called them they asked for the same infro that wf did sent it called them several times they said they approved one and would send it to the lawyer so i called the lawyer theytold me they fowrded it to freddie mac gave me a # to call them welli called them andthey told me they sent it back to wf we was foreclosed on sold and then sent back to wf lawyer for them said everything is on hold we havebeen trying to get back on track with our home dont know what to do e want to keep our home still in it at this time some one plz help us can we sue them for all of this
Jun 10, 2011 7:58
I am in the same boat with WF. I am a senior citizen and was told intially that whatever payment was in place at the end of the payments they asked for would become the amount of regular payments if my income had not changed. I have been working with them since Aug., 2009. I've been on the trial payments twice and have been denied. My home is in foreclosure and due to be sold June 22, 2011. I am at my wits end and I don't know what to do. If there is a class action suit being put together, I'd like to get in on it.
Deb Wilson
Jun 30, 2011 11:42
We live in Ohio and have a VA loan with Wells Fargo. We have been trying to get a modification as well, only to be told our file was deleted because all the paperwork was not sent in. I faxed everything wells fargo asked for…even loan documents that I am sure they had on file. My "processor" and her "manager" can't return phone calls. I feel that we have jumped through flaming hoops only for wells fargo to sit back and be predetorial, just waiting for our property. Today I got the foreclosure notice, via certified mail, of course the attorney's office won't even return my calls. If there is someone in Ohio that can help it would be greatly appreciated. We want to keep our home, but we are not getting any cooperation.
Mohammed Zahiruddin
Jul 19, 2011 19:42
1) We should all jointly look at the potential of a cless action lawsuit against enemy of our lives, Wells Fargo. Please all of you tell me that you agree.
2) Here is our case: We are Houston, Texas. We built our home. In todays market we have lost a ton of money. The loan balance is $120,000 more than market value and interest rate is 7.125%. The investor is Wells Fargo and servicer is Bank of America. We had the third party run the 'loan disposition analysis' based on US Treasury Dept. guidelines and contained in the REST-real estate service & technology- REPORT. This analysis showed that we are eligible for HAMP program and that workout was financially rewarding to the 2 banks than foreclosure. However, Wells Fargo has ordered Bank of America not to do any modifictions to reduce interest rate, principal balance or the term of the loan. When asked how they are not accepting the federal HAMP program eventhough they received taxpayer supported $120 billion TARP, they say blatantly that when accepting the TARP they did not agree to help the needy American mortgagees.
Martin Kempe
Jul 21, 2011 2:47
Wells Fargo plays nasty. My home is in foreclosure after I asked for modification. They also went into the equity of my home and took $ 27,000 to pay off a credit card, took $ 51,000 and terninated my Merchant service at my store business and put into a reserve account and told me it disappeared half and never required to respond where money went. They had a collection at law firm sue me in court and trick me and got a default judgment of another $ 20,000, they knew I was legally blind and torture me for two years now, my business is destroyed because of Wells Fargo. I am struggling to get out of foreclosure. I wish there was a way to sue them. They hold second mortgage equity on two of my properties.
Carolyn Rumburg
Jul 22, 2011 8:04
After almost two years of sending the same paperwork over and over again to Wells Fargo.Then being told they only need one more document. All the way up untill the day before they foreclosed they ask that i send my 2010 tax returns. I was lied to ,made to jump thru hoops. i did everything they wanted.I paid my loan modification payments exactly as required and on time. The Wells Fargo processor told me I got the loan modification Sept 2010. They sent me the agreement I signed and sent it back. I was lead to believe everything was done and I would receive a payment statement starting Jan 2011.In the meantime continue making my modified payments.The payment statement never came. Feb 2011 they started all over again.They told me they had filed the loan modification papers incorrectly and I had to send all the documents again. This makes 6 times sending the same set of documents and many more times sending single pages that mysteriously disappeared. They changed my processors 5 times and I could never get thru to the last one because her voice mail was always full and she was always away from her desk so she never answered her phone.
amy drake
Jul 25, 2011 11:37
Same here. Wells Fargo ruined my credit, and my future. I agree we need a class action suit brought against this morally and ethically corrupt lending institution asap.
Jul 28, 2011 21:09
I live in NC and have been "working w/ WF & Freedie Mac (the investor) for three years trying to get a loan modification. I have been in 3 different HAMP trial periods and they never converted it over to a permanent mortgage as they said they were going to.
Don't know where else to turn to. Is the class action suit going thru in MA?
I have been making the regular monthly payment for 7 months now. Now they say we're going back into foreclosure. You would think if someone is upside down in their house, but still making payments they would want to keep you in the house and ride this thing out.
Any ideas or help here would be appreciated.
Aug 6, 2011 10:00
We are playing the waiting game with WF they say it will take up to 2 weeks to hear back and see if we were accepted for loan mod, we have a small house and have been paying on it for 6+ years in a 15 yr fixed but with job loss, and my husband being ill with numerous illnesses we are hoping for a mod to keep our home but I dont trust WF and think they are saying they are working with us but at the same time trying to forclose….
Aug 16, 2011 20:49
I have been through some of the same as all of you and why no one has come up with a good law firm to combat this is beyond belief. Wells Fargo representative were head over hills at getting your business when things and your equity was rip for the taking but now they are deceptive, threatening, combative and just plain nasty about explaining what has happen to our accounts. they now have a vehicle finance office calling me about the (third) car worked into my past refinances and i have never heard of wells Fargo vehicle finance. They seem to have deceptivly sold me out. Must keep my mortage up or else. If someone can explain this, i would like to hear from them too.
Help us out!!!
Aug 16, 2011 20:50
Aug 17, 2011 18:15
The HAMP modification program is a farse, and that is putting it mildly. It is meant to harrass the people who are looking for help….I will not go on, but will give some examples:
1. It is supposed to help people who have lost their job or income due to the depression, however, after going through all the rigamarole trying to please the so called "underwriters", I found out that I cannot be approved unless my income goes back up to where it was before I lost everything and got into trouble.
2. I rented out rooms in my house in order to make my mortgage payment, and now they want personal mail, unredacted as far as personal information and account numbers, etc., for my renters. I am supposed to tell my renters that they need to provide me with personal mail, not the envelope, which would make more sense to show that they receive mail at my address. One renter has moved out over this.
This is the biggest joke since we were saying; "America, land of equal opportunity and justice blah blah blah for all"!!!!@!
Aug 18, 2011 9:54
Same problem here…we got behind because of loss of hours, asked for a modification, got one with higher payments…couldn't accept it, when we got taxes back we paid $2500 dollars to catch up…we were still almost a full month behind according to them but they said with that amount down they could remodify…they didn't. Then my husband lost his job….we called them told them what happened they said there were programs out there including foreberance and HAMP…we gave them all our info again, they waited 2 mths to give us paperwork during which time they said they didnt accept partial payments (all I had)…then the paperwork we got increased our payments again, when we called they went over our info on the phone and they had overstated our income. They redid it, now its 3 and a half months and still no resolution. Then when we call back we find out that FHA loans don't quailfy for HAMP according to them. We know we can't afford the house at this point and ask them to do deed in lieu…we get a run around about that, then a month later we tell them again we want to walk away… we have a councelor working with us who tells us about cash for keys so we can move…WF tells us they no longer do cash for keys….my mom helps us get a deposit for a rental house because I dont feel right staying in a house I'm not paying for…..we finally get foreclosure paperwork on Jan. 13th 2011 saying it would be sold on March 16th. We think its all over…NOOO…it is now Aug 2011 , we find out they canceled the sale, the house is still in our name, we have not paid taxes or insurance on it since we had paperwork saying as of March we would no longer own it so now I owe taxes and wells fargo is trying to charge me for insurance on a house they should have already taken posession of, plus we moved away if anyone gets hurt on that property at this point its against me not wells fargo and I was not made aware of this till yesterday….is there anything I can do to go against them? This is a nightmare.
Aug 22, 2011 12:26
I'm in Colorado and can't get my modiciation approved through Wells Fargo. After 20 months of trying today I get a Federal Express letter in the mail telling me they need proof my hardship. They now want my divorce decree showing that I received a divorce. IT has been one thing after another with these idots and now this. I struggle every month to make my payment and as a closer at a title company I notarize modification paperwork all day long and everyone I have notarized for are with other lenders has taken less time to get theirs done. Typically time I have found has been 6 months. I can't believe I can't get anywhere. I have continually called them to get a status and to be proactive and continue to send them new paystubs to no avail. I have no choice now because of unexepect medical expenses to miss my house payments to catch up on the other bills. I guess if I don't make payments maybe they will realize that I have passed the desperate mark.
I would love to be part of a class action law suit and would love to find an attorney who can make a call to these insenstive, scrip reading morons.
Barb E
Aug 23, 2011 11:04
Wells Fargo should be denied the TARP money; or at least ordered to dispurse it to the numerous people they have screwed under the modification programs. My story is just like all the many in this series – and a class action suit is necessary to stop victimizing the very customers who help build
WF into the bank they had been – Now lets put them out of business with a suit that spins them as bad as they have spun us around since 2008.
Kiley Georgi
Aug 23, 2011 12:37
The fact is Wells Fargo pretty much has no intention of modifying any loans.
How many people do you know that actually had their modification go through?
We had ours finalized with WF, I signed our MOD just so I wouldn't lose our house. When all was said and done, our monthly payment went UP and everything else stayed the same. The office of the president of Wells Fargo sent me a very detailed letter condensing my 4 inch stack of correspondence to a single page. That is all they did!
Same as everyone here, we tried to do the right thing and ended up hurt by the big bank.
Beasley Allen, how goes the class action suit?
This ^&(*# is just amazing!
Thanks Wells Fargo for all of your dedication and support to us all.
Leland Hillier
Sep 1, 2011 12:05
I lost my job after buying my home,i had put down 60,000 dollars toward the160,000 i brought it for.ikept making payments for around ayear,and then run out or money.I was conttacked by this home federal forensci they said they could help me out ,so i sent them the information and they said they would get right on it so here time go by and basicly they wanted alot of money to do nothing.SO i recieved papers about a auction of my home.So i call Wells Fargo number and ask what can i do,and the gal tells me to fax in a Hardship Letter and they will postpone the sell,so with the next hour i do so and wait to hear back from them about my home and in my letter i also tell them thati have 20,000 dollars that i would like pay to them,so that i'm all caught up wiht my default and then some,Well i still don't hear from them so i get on to this site and see that they didn;t postpone it but sold it back to lender freddie mac,So i send both Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac letters asking for the chance to modify the payments to make it more affordable .I have a little 5year old boy that is very special to me and loves his home.Especialy after living in a basement for 3year of his 5year of life it's a nice little home and i was hope I and my family would be able to fix the problem so that we could stay in the home,Well Freddie refuse to do anything,and wells never gave me and chance to try and work it out,so now i'm home less renting 2 storage unit which could be my house payment and nowhere to live.It's BAD when your goverment ran Freddie Mac that my tax paying money goes to can kick me out of my home my own goverment.What this world coming to.Can somebody help me fight WELLS/FREDDIE in there unlawful pratice so that i can get my money/home backPLEASE help me so i can help my family have there home PLEASE ANYONE,MY SON MICHAEL AND I THANK YOU
Kesha S in Georgia
Sep 7, 2011 22:20
My story is the same as most of you. As a matter of fact, today is the very last day that I am contacting Wells Fargo regarding my mortgage or anything for that matter!!!… I applied for a modification with Wells Fargo three times in the last year and half… the first time I was offered a six month forbearance which i declined because ALL of the money that was deferred for the 6 months would be due up front on the 7th month. Which meant I would still have to save that money each month that I didnt pay it, so that I could pay it all in one lump sum after the forbearance period. This made NO sense to me and thats why I declined that "offer". The second modification was nonexistent… I kept getting the run around for weeks and finally I received a message stating it was declined because I failed to return any of their phone calls (which I conveniently NEVER received). After the second attempt, I was forced into bankruptcy and my husband lost his job. I decided to apply for a modification again last month at the beginning of Aug. I was given a "personal" point of contact (Amber Richardson) for my specific loan. The very first time I spoke with Amber, was the very LAST time I personally spoke with her up to this day!!! I have called Wells Fargo about three times a week for the last 4 weeks!! In one month, over 12 calls and I have yet to get in contact with my personal agent! Now her voicemail is full and is not accepting any messages. I keep getting transferred to the main WF line who keeps transferring me back to the "Home Preservation Team" that keeps telling me the same script" I am so sorry for all the trouble you have been experiencing. I will send your agent Amber an email to return your calls"… still nothing! Today, after 25 minutes of transfers, I decided to call her supervisor at the phone number she provided… HA… the supervisor's voicemail was Amber's voice stating her number had changed, and redirecting me to call her at a new extension (which happened to be Amber's exact same extension)!!!
Finally, I hung up and called back again and got another scripted agent on the home preservation team who told me ironically just today a decision was made on my case. I was approved for a temporary trial period for three months, fist payment due Oct 7, to make a mortgage payment which is HIGHER than my payment was before. The scripted agent tried to belittle me by telling me that is a consolation compared to how much I would have to pay if they asked for all my missed payments in full! I was also told if I did not make my October 7 payment on time and in full, then my house will be sold at the foreclosure sale set for Nov 11. I told her the price is higher than I was ever paying before and I would need to set up an agreement to make the payment. She said plainly, that price is non negotiable! I am soo sick and tired of WF and their BS. I have tried everything possible to modify and save my home, and have come to the realization that it is time to walk away. I hope a class action law suit is filed against them, even if I don't get a piece of the pie! It is time for them to know what it feels like to be on the other side of the fence!
L.F. Parks
Sep 19, 2011 23:00
No need to repeat what has been happening over and over to all of us. But I will add this when my husband and I went to closing that very same day sitting in closing we was ask to pay Twelve Thousand Dollars and had to do it that day or the offer would be off the table. We were with Wachovia then our file given to Wells Fargo. We had to get a lawyer after fighting with them for over two years. After we hired a lawyer they said o.k. we are going to put you on the modification program BUT we need thirteen thousand plus dollars. We sent that and then they said send us an additional twenty five hundred dollars so you can be ahead of the game on your payments, we did that as well. This monies came from our 401-k under hardship. After the three months under the program we kept calling and calling finally I was told that we were approved through fannie mae the servicer of our loan they were just WAITING on the PAPER WORK from Wells Fargo. I continually documented and called. Then today we received a payment from Wells Fargo to pay over forthy thousand dollars with and increase of our mortgage and additional seven hundred dollars. These monies has to be in by the 1st of October, 2011. I say we all need to get together and knock on Washington door as well as Wells Fargo demanding answers for the lies. I pity the soul of all those people who has control to speak up and to those who are the corporate leaders. Because generational curses is nothing to play with and Hell is waiting on them at the door. Need Help as well….
Todd Schillinger
Sep 29, 2011 14:50
Here is a good one:
I have been waiting 3 YEARS yes YEARS for Wells Fargo to make a decision on my loan modification.
They put me on a loan modification for 1 year all went well never late always on time in November 2009 i was told to stop making payments and i will be put on a new loan mod.
I offered to pay the $1600.00 to get me current and they said i couldnt do that well its september 29th and still no decision. inbetween those dates they illegally sold my home at a sheriffs auction which they rescinded the sale and told me they were sorry and they will work this out with me.STILL NOTHING to this date other than now they sold my loan to Penny Mac and they want $96000.00 that i owe in back pay or $57000.00 to put me on a loan mod for 6 months, who,s fault is it that i am that far behind after hundreds of phone calls thousands of pages filled out and gotten to them on time,Wells telling me they will send new packet to me and i never recieve it so i told them to fax it to me and the guy tells me he doesnt have access to a fax machine but when i recieve my new packet i should fax the documents to him. ???????? Really.
I need help and i want to take them to court and i want to let the country know what is going on with these large banks doing this to people and the Uniuted States Government bailing these lenders out because they say they lost money on my house and our government saying ok wells fargo will send you a check for the amount that you lost,NOW penny mac has my loan and they will turn around and do the same, I cant believe that this is really going on it is total neglegence on theior behalf and i would love to sue them for millions and then help other people out in my same situation.
Please somebody help
Todd Schillinger
Sep 29, 2011 14:52
If the United States court system allows people to sue for burning their tongue on hot coffeee and rewarding them millions, why cant we do the same with something alot more relevant
Oct 15, 2011 14:38
this is what is happening to my son and his wife i feel that they have been duped this is terrible i am e mailing this article to them
Joe Bass
Oct 25, 2011 0:50
pretty much the same story, except we jumped thru their hoops for 5 years. The tell tons of lies, we had been on trial payments and then got denied with them claiming our mortgage had been changed to a recourse loan and freddie mac would no longer allow them to modify our terms.
I reported this to freddie mac and they denied it I was like ok so what do I do when my servicer is a liar and crook, and freddie laughed and told me Im not allowed to do anything.
So I reported it to the FTC fraud number on the HAMP packet, almost 6 months later the FTC calls me back and tells me my loan is a non-recourse, and Im like ok what do we do, and the FTC says we can't help you, you were disqualified for the HAMP no longer our problem. Im like but I was disqualified on a lie, doesn't matter you are no longer in the HAMP program so not our problem.
To really rub salt in the wound, about this time, 5 years into me trying to get a modification, Wells Fargo calls my mother, who has a 2 million dollar home on the gulf of Mexico, and makes over a million a year and offered her an instant modification and 2% lower interest rate, and it would not cost her a dime, and they could do it right over the phone. My mother never contacted wells fargo, never requested any modification or a lower interest rate. My mother was so disgusted she refused the modification and lower rate.
What's really sick is Wells Fargo is taking this money from the fed at 0%, and then instead of using it to refi and modifi our mortgages, they are instead buying Tbills with it that are giving them 3% return.
How the hell the government hasnt put every last employee of wells fargo in federal prison is beyond me.
Rebecca Rawls
Nov 3, 2011 1:23
I am so confused by the bait and switch that is being done. I feel like I am playing kick the can- but I AM the can. All the above stories are factual since I also have had the same experience with "attempting" to get a loan modification through Wells Fargo. I want to sue but then am afraid my latest attempt to submit my doc.'s will not be considered. Talk about going in circles. If anyone has a direction to take that could gather enough of us to class action sue them- please speak up. I am in California and our politicians are too busy to pay any attention to what is happening to "the people" so please, Lets get together and get the banks and the government to pay attention to us! Today in our local paper, The Union Tribune, was an article caption that read: "4 Million Owners Eligible For Foreclosure Review" by Derek Kravitz. This doesn't help me but it could help anyone who was improperly foreclosed upon in 2009 and 2010. They are possibly getting their cases reviewed and could receive compensation. Go online to
How can over 5 Million Homeowners who have been foreclosed upon NOT make their voices heard? No one else is going to change the system…we have to. If you are a lawyer and want some clients for a class action- contact me and the other 2011 posts on this site. They all scream HELP! Please Help us be heard.
Nov 16, 2011 8:32
my husband an I have been trying to get a modification for a year with no luck. I have called
Michael ove 100 times he has never return my call. Wells Fargo should help their
customers. Iam 68 years and we need hour house.
Nov 19, 2011 22:32
Just wanted to let everyone know that the best thing to do is just get out if you can. Wells Fargo did the same thing to my partner and me . My partner was diagnosed with cancer and ultimately passed away. We were told not to make payments because we had to be behind on payments to qualify. My partner had to quit his job while going through chemo and radiation. He had an 800 credit rating prior to being diagnosed with cancer. We went through this ordeal for almost 8 months until my partner passed away and I ended up having to walk away from the house that has not been foreclosed on yet. But I tried everything I could at the time to save our home. The Wells Fargo Employee told us not to make payments, then wehn we were set up on a remodificagtion, told us that it was not approved after we made two payments becasue they hadn't recievd a document from one of her supervisors. We were told again, not to make any further payments til we heard back for the lady we were dealing with. I have it all written down. We called almost daily trying to stay on top of it also dealing with other obvious stressful situations. I hope Wells Fargo gets what they deserve. I hope all of them end up in a similiar situation of losing their homes. I am so angry with them right now. .
Dennis J Thompson
Nov 30, 2011 17:22
I have read some of the misapropperations of wells fargo on this page.So on that knote I would like to aquier a Lawfirme if posable to sue WELLS FARGO BANKING OUT OF SANFRANSICO.I don't whon't anuitys as a setelmint.I whon't my morgae payd off and one million in a bank or security sorce to seend my funds to.The lawyfirm can keep the reast.If it be one millon or ten billion.I have papper work dating back seven years or more.On my home morgage and checking & savings acct's.what i allso would like to know,is there a lawfirm that has nolage of the G R A Y arreas of banking.the O C C knows and thay are suppos to be working for the people but thayr working for BIG BANKS.And thay are funded by yours truly USA GOV.just a littl knot.Millions is beening siffind out of peopls acct's every day from overdraft & fee's.PS your Cogeresmens need to get involved. Rite theam to.
Dec 1, 2011 11:42
I applied for a modification. I was told we did not need to make payments while in review. I missed 2 payments but got worried and caught up before the 3rd. I was told we did not qualify for the modification but did qualify for the forbearance. I refused the forbearance. I had a counselor from Colorado Housing Assistance Program on a 3 way conversation when both of us told the WF rep that we absolutely were not interested in the forbearance. I never signed any agreement for the forbearance plan. This plan requires that you repay all 4 payments of the forebearance at 1 time at the end of the 4 month program. I called on several occasions to verify that I was not on the plan but no one would return my call.
They placed me on the plan anyway. I am current on my payments and have not agreed to the forbearance. In fact I emphatically refused it. They are charging me fees associated with the forbearance plan as well.
I need a vicious attorney. I don't want a pitt bull attorney, I want a Canadian Timber Wolf attorney. If there is one out there who is interested in my case please contact me.
Dec 1, 2011 19:48
As a 100% disabled veteran with a VA backed Wells Fargo loan, I was proactive telling them i have serious surgery coming up and long term treatment from my service to my Nation, i asked for assistance since I would be short on funds for a few months. Wells Fargo told me they sold it to Ginnie Mae, who told me they sold it to NY Mellon Bank, who told me they sold it to Goldman Sachs, who said they sold it to Islamic Development Bank WOW ! but then i learned the funds for the pool of loans for Ginnie Mae for Wells Fargo came from Iran and Libya, since this violates the US Patriot Act, today SEC told me NOT to tell anyone what i learned, later a call from Wells Fargo saying they are investigating the entire problem ? On Thanksgiving day a Wells Fargo employee tried to enter my home in early morning to scare me out of the home.Mass. & Iowa, I was told by WF Iowa loan officer it is all a Bank scam to dupe us so be careful of WF.
Janet Page
Dec 4, 2011 3:44
I just found this site and just like all of the rest of you I am in loan mod hell. Now they are trying to say we don't qualify for hamp because we don't live in the property. I provided every piece of info they asked for including a notarized letter by our attorney that we do live in the property. Drivers license, utility bills, car repair bills all have our address on it. Because we use an internet mailbox for some of our mail they said that disqualifies us. What:? Last time we were denied the ":single point of contact" told me Wells would never modify my loans because they are interest only. If they modify the loans would have to include principal and that would mean half of my payment would go back to us in the form of reducing principal and the bank doesn't approve those.
What? They also said they are being very careful because the gov might not approve the mod if they make any mistakes. I think this is all hype that the employees are told. The gov set this up so banks would make loan mods… They are telling their employees lies… I am certain of that. They tell them all these applications need to be denied for the good and solvency of the bank.
My email to reply is if anyone has any ideas to help all of us!
scott littler
Dec 7, 2011 16:49
someone please help!!!!!! wells fargo has put my house up for auction 2 times and i obviously moved out 2 times to keep a roof over my families head,,,,they gauranteed me a loan mod,,,i jumped through every hoop they put in front of me,,,,,,and 2 times they cancelled the auction,,,,know what??????of course we are renting,,,,,,but i am out tons of money for moving expences,turning electric on and off with deposits breaking leases and losing money(because wells fargo and the fl default law group said to move back in ) how can i sue the pants off off them,,,,,they said i was too many months behind,,,,but i would not have been but because the house was in forclosure they excepted NO PAYMENTS,,,so of course i was behind,,,,are there any attorneys out there willing to fight for my rights against Wells Fargo,,,and i cant beleive all the horror stories on this page,,,we are all in the same situation and i hope everyone can find the help that is needed
someone that can help please contact me a t
scott littler
email is
thank you for listening to our problems
Mr Littler
holly niemic
Dec 16, 2011 21:35
I was on the deed of trust but not the loan. Wellsfargo could not talk to me because of this and my husband and I are separated. we have 4 kids living in the house and my ex and I go back and fourth instead of the kids. My ex stopped making mortgage payments on the house without my knowledge. I got a letter 5 months later as I am on the deed letting me know that the mortgage was behind and was in foreclosure. I immediately called well fargo and tried to make a payment but they wouldn't talk to me because I was not on the loan. I went and called them again this time with my ex and they would not accept payment saying we needed to go thru the forecloser lawyer. I couldn't get my ex to do anything but Wells fargo sent us a letter from katarina our preservation specialist stating that if we have all our paperwork turned in for a loan modification by October 22, 2011 that they would stop the foreclosure process and take it off the sheriff sale. My ex had all paperwork turned in October 19, 2011 but it ended up going to sheriff sale October 21, 2011 a day before all the paperwork was required to be turned in to stop the foreclosure process. no one bid on the house and it went back to Wells Fargo who said Freddie mac owned the loan. Because of the letter that Katarina sent us they said they would review it to see if we could get our loan reinstated. That was in October of 2011. It has been with the rescission team since then. We have called the rescission team all the time but they say that katarina never returns their calls. They e mailed her and she did not respond. My ex has called, e mailed and faxed her for weeks with no returns on anything. The foreclosure lawyer sent us a paper letting us know we had to sign either that we were getting evicted within 10 days and had to be out which was in November or we could sign something saying we would be out by Dec 29, 2011 and we would have to turn our keys in by then. According to the rescission team it is still under review if we left the house for eviction then the review would stop because the house would be empty. We signed to be out then by Dec 29, 2011 thinking we would be able to get a loan modification and stay in the house. We have tried and tried to get an answer and now we only have less then two weeks to get out of the house. I sent an e mail to the president of Wells Fargo John Stumfp explaining that we would like a letter sent to the foreclosure lawyer stating that they are still reviewing our loan modification and that we need more time. We were willing to pay rent until the review was up. Paula called me tonight saying she was given a copy of my e mail from Mr. Stumpf and asked to look into things for us. She was really nice and said she would call the rescission team and Katarina the preservation specialist and see what is going on. Well, we only have until Dec 29, 2011. I want to know why they can't call the lawyer who is foreclosing on us and get them to give us more time and let us pay rent until we get an answer. Does anyone know what we can do. I have 4 kids and it's Christmas time and we have to pack our stuff up right now. How could they foreclose on us when we got a letter stating that they would pull it off the sheriff sale if our paperwork was in by the 22 yet sent it to the sheriff sale a day before that and our paperwork was in and they recieved it on the 19th. What can I do now. I did get written permission now to discuss the loan with Wellsfargo. I also have a rental home that the mortgage is all paid on time with Wellsfargo and I have at least 60,000 of equity in it. I told them I would sell that house and give them the equity or if they could do something with that loan and combine it I would make the payments. We only owe 10 years on our house so if Wells fargo would even put it to a 30 year mortgage our payments would be cut in half and it would be even more affordable. I told them I would sign what ever they needed and be reponsible for payments myself. If anyone could give me information that would be great. Time is of the essence for me. I really can't afford a lawyer right now or not much anyways as I am a single mom. I can be reached Thank for any answers you can give me.
Jan 1, 2012 15:06
We called and wrote this letter to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage for 9 years with our paper work and never help us.
We are contacting you today to request a loan modification for our property. We are requesting that you review our financial situations to see if we qualify for any loan modification. We are having problems making our monthly payments because of financial difficulties. We don't want to lose our house. Is it possible to have my current adjustable rate mortgage converted to a fixed rate? Our mortgage (Wells Fargo) is $1,641.47 with 11.750% low and $2,009.32 with 12.250% high.
I have worked for 43 years at my same Company. Few years ago my wife lost her job cause of her back injury from the breaking of a chair and her doctors told her to stay at home and not to work any jobs and signed the paper to get her Social Security Disability but that's not much to cover for our bills. I have my alimony (ex-wife) for 15 years $750.00/mo and still continue to pay. Last year I talked my boss about my problem of finance so they gave me one hour extra per day. It helped me out with our budget for few months then we got new president and vice president, they changed every things and lay-off 28 employees and cut my hours working. My job is 12.5 miles one way with expense for gas and cost of living. We borrowed money from our friends and family in order to keep the bills down. We know that they have programs to help people's problems but why not us. Other one more thing few months ago we paid $1,800.00 to Smart Financial Solution for the loan modification after few months nothing to help us as we tried to contact with them but they disconnected. We are hearing-impaired and we feel that they are descriminating against us. So please help us and what to do. Thanks.
Just let you know that we have big problems with two different lawyers and twice with Chapter 13. First we hired lawyer in 2004 within 3 months, lawyers made several mistakes and had us to fill out 3 different paper works. After four years when my mother passed away in 2008 and left money in Will. We want to pay off Chapter 13 and/or our mortgage lawyer told us no and charged us more.
740 936-0772 VP
Thomas Perusi
Jan 6, 2012 9:12
There is not enough room on this comment form for me to tell you all about the hell that wells fargo has put me through and they finally stole my investment propert. I was paid up and did so for 3 years and when I called for a simple refinance they told me to do a modification which they told me I would qualify if I would go into default. I told them it made no sense and even had my wife call back to make sure they said what they said which they did. We trusted our bank because why would they tell us to do something that is going ot hurt themselves, they gave us the loan and want the money back right? it was not till much later I found out that these banks today are only there to service the loan that the money came from investment banks like fanny mae and freddie mac. They never sent me the modification papers even though I called so many times asking what was going on and why am I getting default letters but no modification papers. They sent me foreclosure papers and when I called the bank they said everything is ok dont worry about those. I also called the law office that sent it and asked what I needed to do and they said don't worry your doing a modification its all normal. Now I lost the chance to see a judge because I was told not to worry and now I had to try do a deed in lieu or shortsale to stop foreclosure and not make it so bad on us. We where turned down for 3 shortsales that where more than the apprasiel price and they lost my paper work all the time and one guy with one of my deed in lieus just dissapeard with all my papers. I have his phone number and extension and it is a wells fargo office but no one is there anymore. I am going to sue them on my own and wondered if anyone here knows of any law suites not civil but individual suites that went to court and won?
Jan 29, 2012 21:21
What can we do? I am now out of my house, but have found out that my house was sold for a price that i could have and would have been more than glad to pay for it. The people who bought it and had the locks changed the day after the supposeed court house steps sale. Now the guy who purchased it has gone in, thown some new paint and done some cleaning up, and is going to list ther property at still less than we owed on it. I could go back and buy my same property for almost 100,000 less than what we owed on it. The banks are crooks! I want to know if there is still anything ai can do, I never asked for a note from them verifying they still had ther note on teh property.
eric jones
Feb 1, 2012 17:54
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Feb 7, 2012 19:16
Im to a point that I dont know what to do. I have applied for assistance two times. The last time they didnt call or email me when a form was not sign. I went through this for 6 months, and my husband lost his job and I was self employed and I also lost some of my accts. I cant believe they didnt help me. I have taken money out of my IRA to pay. I just cant afford my pyt and all I wanted for them to help reduce my house payment.. Every month is was getting harder and harder and I just cant do it. I have call Wells and again Im trying to get some help, and now they want me to lose my home and they will not call you back.. I have sent paper work in to get help, and now they will not call you back. I feel that they want people to lose there home. I just dont now what to do anymore. Does anymore have any good advice? Thank You
Feb 8, 2012 17:55
I see a lot of questions on this blog but no answers!?!? Anyone have any ideas that they will post besides someone advertising their "services" which none of us can afford nor should we HAVE to purchase?
tammy polgar
Feb 10, 2012 12:37
i got ill at work in 2008, and they let me go, i was able to get unemployment, and i called to see if i can get a modicfication, as i was underwater also, and i was denied, iwas always on time with my mortgage until i lost my job, i was foreclosed on july 14th 2011 and i am now homeless. i heard the government or wells fargo are going to give people like me 1500 to 2000 dollars, not much but would help, does anyone know how to get this money?? thank you, Tammy Polgar
Pamela Figueroa
Feb 11, 2012 3:18
My story is the same as these. I'm terrified. 6 months into this "program" for modification due to hardship – at their suggestion when I called them for help due to loosing jobs because employers moved business out of country. We were not yet in defaut and always made payments on time. I was told the same thing about a 3 month program and then be reviewed for modification and now we have been sending updated documentation over and over because they have an overload of cases and it will take 60-90 days for review to be completed and guess what – the updates are only good for 90 days. We found jobs so we started marking our old payments again but now we are being charged late fees for now having the full balance of the 6 mos of reduced payments of our "trial period". Reaching these people on the phone is near impossible. We went from one telling us "not to talk to anyone else" to being assigned a new person several times and new phone numbers with voicemail boxes full for days and ever changing extension numbers. Our near perfect credit score has fallen through the floor. After reading these stories I wonder if with holding our payments so can have something to move in to another place and abandoning our current home would be the least expensive choice. We dont have the money to make up the money we are behind on which was told to us that that amount would be added to our principle when the loan modification is approved and refinancing happens. I have gotten different stories a bout how this "program" works but am convinced the only one it "works" for is them. With all these stories – surely there is a way to stop them and keep our homes. I just don't know what that way is. Our savings and assets are depleated and now we face the loss of our home if I'm reading this correctly – because of the injustice that this company is permitted in getting by with. God have mercy.
Feb 21, 2012 15:15
I admit, I was unemployed and fell behind on my mortgage. We want to keep our house and contacted Wells Fargo in hopes of getting our loan modified. We asked that the amount we were behind be put at the end of our loan. We hoped for a fresh start.
We have now been working with Wells Fargo for almost a year. We went through the reduction trial period and then found we were thrown further in the rears on our mortgage. Meanwhile our payments returned to the pre trial rate.
We have had five different loan officers (Home Conservation Specialists) and just got a letter from #6 this weekend. Each one informs us they do not have our documents and we have to refax everything.
While they drag their feet, we accumulate additional penalties and interest. It seems they keep delaying any action so they can continue to drive me to bankruptcy.
All the time we have been working with Wells Fargo, we continue to receive phone calls from their collection department. Apparently they don't communicate within their company, which is evident since they continue to ask me to fax the same paperwork over and over. Their collection people keep threatening to foreclose and asking how much we think they will get for the house.
It is maddening and I am at my wits end.
Feb 29, 2012 1:59
We had an unexpected temporary loss of about 50% of our income and we realized that we would not be able to make our home loan payments for three months. Thought we would be proactive and at least call Wells Fargo and notify them and ask if we could possibly receive an extension. The person that we were assigned to told us they have many programs to "help" people just like us with our situations! She (Ashley,out of Portland Oregon ofc.) immediately started talking about home loan mods and such and I pretty much had to stop her in her tracks and reiterate that we were only going to need temp help for three (3) months. After basicly calling her out she finally agreed that this approach made more sense and asked us for a document showing our temporary loss of income. Faxed that to her and she called about 5 days later and told us that it (loan extension) was denied. and that we could still apply for home loan mod. I told her not interested, that I have heard bad things about them. She replied that we could ask for an extension once we get current again and after a three month period. I almost laughed! Asked her if we have ever had a late payment with them, she answered no. I am from the auto sales business and I can tell you one thing folks….These folks at Wells Fargo are vultures, Vermin Scum! beware. I will not do biz with any large bank any more….credit unions are much more pleasant to work with. I hope every one here stays informed and gets justice.
Steven R Brotton
Mar 3, 2012 11:49
I was reading from this site and not sure if you can help or think I am out of luck?
The short version of my night mare with Wells Fargo Mortgage.
I started the modification process a year ago about 3 moths ago I was told I was not aproved for the mod. I have been trying over and over to conteact them with no reply or answer. Voice mail boxes full or if I was luck to talk with some one they could not help. I had to talk with the one assigned to me.
Now they want to redo my loan. with this said I have only talked to a live person 5 times in this year of the waiting game. Now I am still waiting and my family of five have less that 120 days left until they take my home.
This is why this happened, Dr bills, lawyer bills, income shrank and we fell a couple of months behind. This was a first for us and I called the bank to see what we can work out to get back on track. The bank told me that I can to the modification to get back on track just fill out some forms and they will get back with me. A year later I now owe about $50,000 if I want to keep my home. I was only behind $6,000 when this started and I was just hoping to ad the two missed payments to the end of my term. THe bank new best so I trusted them, bad idea.
To me it seems so simple, the bank does not want my house they have enough homes, all I wanted was to be given a chance to get back on track, my wife and I have our jobs thank god….
We just went thruogh a rough patch and want to make this right. Now I am against the wall of Wells Fargo and if they do not return my calls or just answer the phone thier law firm is going to take my home due to the trap they created.
Mahmmoud Subeih
Mar 9, 2012 9:12
How can I join this lawsuit ,I have been trying trying with WF for 5 years for loan modification , I paid $1000.00 for a private lawyer ,I went through Hope , Mission of Peace,Greenpath ,and two senators I also filed a complaint with the OCC with no luck.
saddened homeowners
Mar 16, 2012 23:26
i so hate WF i have been getting thr run aroung for the last 22 months which now makes me 50,000 behind..i recently got approved for disability can they use my SSD as a permanent income
Lisa L.
Mar 20, 2012 15:42
I too have been caught up in the nightmare of getting a loan modification through WF for the past year. The best was that they removed me from the modification program because they claimed I was missing some paperwork. Not only did I submit all my paperwork, I did it THREE times. When I called my preservation specialist to find out why I was removed, she stated that the YTD income was missing from my pay stub. I told Audrey to go check my paystub because it was most certainly there. Sure enough she comes back to me and says, "Oh yeah, it is there." WTH??? And I'm dealing with a bank?? How does WF claim that my YTD income was missing from my paystub and then remove me from the program???
Everytime I call, it's the same old run around. I submitted all my paperwork AGAIN (certified mail this time) only to be sent another package with the same exact paperwork to be filled out. If they had actually looked at my file, they would have seen that all that information is there and filled out. I truly believe they aren't looking at the files. I have left messages for the manager but never received a call back…..what a surprise. This whole thing is a big joke.
Mar 26, 2012 17:14
Is there any lawyer in Canada that anyone knows of that can speak to us regarding a suite against Wells Fargo, they have ruined our financial lives.
please send emails to
Mar 27, 2012 4:16
Each time I called wells a rep made me explain why I was behing ONE payment before they would help me or transfer me or explain the charges called "other" one my bill then my payment amount chaged twice without notice or reason when I called I had to explain everything again. Its crazy the lost payment have late charges for months I'm not late on. Fuck wells fargo
Apr 2, 2012 18:15
Here is a letter I sent to the former Ohio Attorney General in 2009.The last paragraph is a recent update.Sorry, it is rather long but hopefully a warning and foresight for those who have not yet experienced Wells Fargo' deceptive fraudulent practice:
Attorney General Richard Cordray,
On Aug 27/2009,I contacted Wells Fargo in hope to refinance, unfortunally I was told by the agent" Lyn" that after quick online search,we didn't qualify for refinancing due to a drop of home value by $35,000.00, and time of ownership 3.5 years. I explained that We, had suffered a considerable loss of income
The cause of financial hardship was due to cut in my husband's Hrs beginning June 2008,as well as sporadic lay-offs as of Feb 2009 and through out the year. Forced to tap in to our now depleted savings, my husband and I filed for motgage modification on Sept 2/2009,afetr sending Wells Fargo all required documentions,we waited….In Oct 2009 my husband sufferd a heart attack and underwent open heart surgery,missed 3 months of work but continued to make timely payments to WF and was current 'till December 09, when I missed the very first payment.I did however make the payment for December on Jan 28 2010 and Jan payment on Feb 8/2010. Mean time Wells fargo Still had not worked out a modification, I called them every Friday, time after time I was told to resend financial documentation; something I did every first of the month for 13 months,in addition they placed my Feb payment into a suspended account rather than credit it which would have brought us current. I called them to request explanation as to why they're not posting the payment and was told that for as long as we are working towards a modification payments will not post and will continue to be reported as late. I'm at a loss and have no resources to find out about my rights if any. I do have all documention and corrispondence which I will be happy to furnish upon request.Respectfuly [Names removed to protect privacy]."
Within 2 months from this letter and while still trying to work things out with Wells Fargo I was diagnosed with breast cancer two surgeries and seven weeks of radiation( all of these events were reported to WF) We had still to receive a modification until finally end of April 2010 We received offer of 3 reduced monthly payments "make timely payments from May 1st till July first and would receive permanent modification so long as all payments including balance from reduction would be paid in full by August first…
I immediately contacted Wells Fargo and told the agent (I have their names and ID) that while we were happy to hear of their decision, my husband and I couldn't sign the agreement as there would be no way for us to come up with over $4,000 at once or we wound't have been in that position to begin with…the reply was"Don't worry, that balloon payment is not expected,so long as you make all mod payments on time and send a little more if possible, the rest would be rolled over into a new loan. End of story all payments were made and more, our home sold at auction on August 3 2011 for $91.256. We purchased it for $168,000. Wells Fargo also collected $40,000+ from the VA who, had backed our loan my husband' benefits vanished so did all our savings.
Smith Mogan Loan Inc.
Apr 5, 2012 5:10
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Apr 6, 2012 14:36
We ran into the exact same issues Lisa L. states in her post. We've been going around in circles for months for a loan mod (lower income, we are still working, just make less $$), submitted MORE paperwork than asked for over 3x. We were told not to make payments. We were then told we could not make partial payments. Received a letter stating we were in active foreclosure – I call and am told I didn't submit all the "required" pages of documentation. I ask them to check again, and the WF rep says "Oh look, we do have it. Well, I'll put you back as active in the modification process, then."
So, basically due to their incompetence we now have an active foreclosure pending on our house. The rep seemed embarrassed at their error but there was "nothing she could do" to remove the home from active foreclosure once it had been placed with the attorney. We call daily only to be told an underwriter is "reviewing" the situation and "they can just postpone the foreclosure if needed". Oh, great, that really eases our minds, knowing that in the next month we could either be out on the street or Wells can "postpone" the sale.
This bank is completely incompetent. They are dealing with peoples' homes and they have been disorganized at every step. Please, do NOT do business with this bank. Use Google Voice to deal with them and RECORD phone calls.
Bobbie Cole
Apr 17, 2012 15:53
More than likely Wells Fargo do not owe your Mortgage, I was trying to get a mod and it was declined by the investor who is in Germany. wells fargo are a bunch of lairs. I was told that I could not get a mod because I did'nt make enough money and I got a letter stating that I had too many mod already and have not had not one mod. This should against the the law.
Cathy Malanix
Apr 18, 2012 12:28
Hi. Listening to all these stories-this is so sad.! I happen to be a victim pertaining an auto loan with WF. I was up to par in car payments and then my car was repossessed-I was informed I owed $1,500 on a Saturday (one year ago) I was told over the phone (collection agency in Albany NY) @ 12.00pm if I didn't pay the $1,500 at that time my car would be repossessed. I sent in my student loan of $1,000 Oct and Nov 2010-in chunks-this is how I received my money. That $1,000 was to pay for Oct/Nov/Dec, with a balance of $160. Do not know where that money went to? It basically disappeared? Why would I give WF an additional $1,500 when I didn't owe that to WF and $1,000 of my money went missing? I am now suing WF. All I ever did was pay my monthly bill and Wells-Fargo wanted more and more and more. So, that Saturday night @ 8:00 pm my car was repossessed-for all the wrong reasons-in front of my children. My case is now being investigated through a financial bureau. I sent in all documentation and my case is now pending? I had no other choice-it is not right to take what is not yours. I did find out if your was car repossessed there is a criminal conversion law out there-if a company takes your property and you are the owner and did pay your loan off correctly, you have the right to sue them for your loss of your property? Don't know if this helps-good luck to you all!
Apr 18, 2012 16:11
My story is the same as all the others. Wells Fargo said I qualified for the modification. I made the three "trial "payments. After four months I was turned down, but I could apply again. Then they needed more paper work, again, again ,and again. Now they told me I didn't have to make payments while the modification was being processed. I am self employed and all this time business was improving and my income was getting better. Finally I had an attorney representing me and after seven months their "investors" denied the modification. Long story short; finally my house went to foreclosure and is now owned by Freddie Mac. I am now leasing the house, with the help of my attorney, I am now trying to do a buy back from Freddie Mac. I saw online where there is suppose to be a new law that allows this.
Dale Cooper
Apr 28, 2012 21:28
Wow, I just had the same thing happen to me as all the rest. I got into trouble with my mortgage and started the process for applying for a modification. I work swing shift and so did my 'home preservation specialist" and I can't have my cell phone on the job. I explained all of this to my "specialist' and would return calls when she'd leave a message. I faxed documents. I mailed documents overnight. I complied with every request; in the mean time, they had to start foreclosure proceedings. I was promised that as long as the mod review was underway, they would delay the sale of my home.
I knew something was wrong in mid-March when I missed a call from my "specialist". I tried calling back and their automated system told me no one was available and disconnected me. After a couple of weeks of nothing from Wells-Fargo, I finally got the notice of sale on Mar 20, with a sale date of Apr 19. The notice of sale said that the beneficiary of the deed of trust was Wells-Fargo Bank, NA. I got nervous and didn't want to lose my house, couldn't talk to a human at Wells-Fargo, so I filed chapt. 13. earlier this month.
I got a letter from my home preservation specialist saying my mod had been declined (after three months) because the investor declined it because I had too many modifications (I haven't had one!). I received this letter one day before the scheduled sale date of my house. Had I not filed the Chapt. 13, I wouldn't have known any of this until less than 24 hours before the scheduled sale of my house
Today I called Wells Fargo to schedule my house payment for May because they have to take them because I filed the Chapt. 13. Their automated system wouldn't give me an option to make a payment by phone and their recording told me my post-petition payment of $0 dollars was due May 1. I finally got through to a human being and scheduled the payment by phone and have the confirmation number just in case.
It seems like they've been playing games with me from the start. Wouldn't the first thing to do is to check with the investor to see if I can modify my loan before dragging me through this nightmare? I don't mind not getting the mod. I mind being lied to and jerked around and having the bank play games with me.
I always liked Wells Fargo, but Im sure not happy with them now.
May 2, 2012 14:39
All I can tell all of you is to keep praying, and don't give up.I am also having problems
May 11, 2012 14:13
May 31, 2012 19:16
I need a pitbull of an atty to sue Wells fargo in North Carolina for putting us into foreclosure for the lot loan, while we were working on lot loan financing. They are the most disgusting, dispicable people I have ever dealt with… Yes you all, they lie, the are deceptive, and there strategies are focused, organized and steady. They know exactly what they are doing… they hope to wear you down… but don't. I have stopped foreclosure hearing by hiring an attorney, I have reported WF to every state, federal, consumer agency, every ATTY general's office I can find that WF letterhead is on, and now I have reached out to my Congressman and Representative in NC. Next is the Governor as well as the candidates running for office. I send weekly emails to the OFfice of Thrift and Supervision and the the Department of the Coin and Currency in Texas that oversees WF in North Carolina. They are pretty worthless- I think they just collect data to show Obama how to screw us further….His programs are a lie -do not expect help from this administration. My next step is to report WF to NYS ATTY General's Office since I own property in NY and they are a very powerful office. I will keep you abreast of my progress but please if you know of a tough atty in NC, I would greatly appreciate it.
Jun 24, 2012 22:31
JUNE 24TH, 2012.
kim smith
Jun 28, 2012 19:50
I really need help here. I have been trying to get an in house modification from Wells Fargo and they are just crazy. In August of 2011 I was2 months behind on my mortgage. I called Wells Fargo and asked them if they could possibly put those payments on the back of my mortgage. I talked to a man Eric and he said ok call me tomorrow and I will tell you what you need to do. Ok call him next day he said he never heard of me. I then called back and spoke to a woman who told me to hold off on making my mortgage payment because they will resolve this in 1 month. Of course they did not and proceeded to go forth with foreclosure. So then I finally get a asigned a home preservation specialist K. and I takj to him 2 times. Then I called one the twice a week with no return phone call from him for 30 days at which point he called me at 856 pm and he gets off at 9. So I speak to him and he says they need the papers refaxed. Ok I fax them the next day. Call to make sure they receivd papers left K. a message he has yet to get back to me that was in November 2011. Feel my PAIN YET! Ok I get a letter stating that they have given me a new preservation specialist E. At first we talk weekly the no return calls from her. I make sure that I communicate with Wells Fargo at least once a week. I call one week and get someone else who tells me that they are going to deny me because they cannot get in touch with me and they need me to fax over the same papers once again In the meanntime I am being told that everytime an underwriter quits the process starts all over again and takes another 90 days. So on on nd on finally I get on the internet and try to get help rom making homes affordable website, I contact money Management International and they counsel me for 2 hr. I really appreciate this and think finally I will get some help. They put me in touch with Ms. C C. CC assures me that she is a specialist and will contact Wells Fargo and definitely help me. I have called her and emailed her constatly and she just disappeared/. So I get in touch with them and they finally get me over to CC and she promises to help. I have not heard from her since Feb 2012. In April I get a letter from Wells Fargo notifying me that I am in active foreclosure. I live in New Jersey. They said the investors turned me down because I was modified less that 2 years age. WHAT!!! oK so now I have signed up for this program NJ Homekeepers. I hope they can help me but doing research they have helped 2 people since 2010. I keep getting calls from companies wanting me to pay them upwards of 2000 to help me modifiy my mortgage. I just want someone to help me. I want to keep my house.Does anyone have any ideas to help me.
Jul 16, 2012 20:20
my story is the same as everyone else. wells fargo foreclosed on my house in may of
2011 and now we can not buy a home because of the fprecosure. i want to file a suit againts wells fargo
for foreclosing on our home after we complied with everything they asked. they lied for an entire year.
we are suffering so much pain over the loss of our home after my husbund became disabled over the loss.
can any one help us?
Jul 23, 2012 14:09
During my bankruptcy, I have pretty much stayed on course with the requirements made being:
Making the arrearage payments and then also making the current monthly payments.
This was tough, but during that time I qualified for a loan modification. I diligently and successfully made these trial payments and was approved for a loan modification on 8/1/2011, this was my start and the initial payment date.
Once the loan was modified, my mortgage (approx. 3200.00), the monies going to the Trustee continued and I was told by the loan negotiator (Mr. Chad Stuck), to pay the difference of what was being taken from my payroll bi-monthly (1198.00 bi-weekly) which is approx. 751.00 per month difference.
I have been doing that up until last month, I wrote a hand written letter to AHMS/Wells Fargo because they recently started sending me statements reflecting delinquency. I insisted that my payments were current and that the monies they were collecting went toward my current mortgage seeing as though I did not have any more arrearages post Modification 8/11/2011. They insisted that all the monies they were collecting did not apply.
And soon after I received a letter stating I was officially more than 12,000 behind and shortly after in May 2012 I received a summons for court, mortgage co. was seeking to remove my stay and foreclose on my home. I have been devastated ever since then.
I reviewed all monies collected (both trustee and my payment differential payments), and realized that they have actually been overpaid!
I am so upset and saddened to know that justice and appropriation of my hard earned monies have not been maintained and totally disregarded. They have since July 2012, returned all trustee payments to the trustee?
At this point, I don't know where I stand?
Am I current?
How much have they collected?
Are they still attempting to foreclose?
Are they charging me court fees?
Will they reimburse me for my 5.1% fee I have paid to the Trustee?
Who's going to apologize for this almost tragic mistake?
Ultimately when does this stressful situation end?
Please assist me in this so unnecessary situation and perhaps ensure that this does not happen to me or anyone else regarding this not-so business-like business.
Shelia Martin
jersey city
Jul 28, 2012 19:38
We are all having identical problem with WF here.. they are full of crap.. we all complain here.. but what can we do to stop it?
Sep 14, 2012 21:37
I have documentation verifying I would be approved for the loan modification, but after the approval 2 months later they stated that I didn't provide a document to them within 30 days so I was released from the program and had to start the whole process over. I lost my home to foreclosure I just gave up after 1 1/2 years. I have all the documentation that I faxed them. The only thing I didn't have from them was their signature on the documents I had to sign and rreturn to them per the attorney. I feel that should'nt matter. My bank acct. will verify that I was never late on the loan modification program. I was approved to pay $1,600 a month on the program. Once they dropped me, now here I am now considered on a advance payment plan program. Basically I had to pay $2,475.00 for almost 8 months to be considered to be approved on the loan modification program again. I need a reliable attorney without the BS!!! We had enough! 
P S at this point I don't trust anyone. If I can get an attorney that will get paid when I win the case then that's the attorney I need.
Please contact Nicole if you have any updates on Wells Fargo class action suits.
Oct 3, 2012 16:15
We were also victims of the loan modification nightmare. After more than one year, call after call, many verification that they received our paperwork. Lost many times and had to send again. I complained to everyone, including the Board of Directors at Wells Fargo. Finally I received a phone call from the Office of the President, and then we were granted a loan modification, but they added late interest (what they called it) back on the loan balance. Now we owe more on the home than when we purchased it back in November 2005; received a low interest rate, but it will go up twice during the first five years and stay at a little over 4% until the life of the loan, which is 30 years.
Our home is underwater by $300,000, a lot of money. We live in California and bought at the peak of the market, 98% of our neighbors have walked away, and we are still comtemplating it. We will never have equity in our home, and we are in our early fifties. So much for a retirement home nest egg.
There is a company called, "The Real Estate Law Center" based out of Los Angeles, CA lead lawyer is a Chad Pratt. He is taking on cases against the banks. We are currently considering joining a Mass Tort Case.
If anyone has used him or knows about his company we would love to hear from you. Thanks.
Oct 30, 2012 17:17
We are also at the end of our wits trying to get a loan mod. After so many months of getting the run around –our numbers looked good at almost 31% of DTI, but Wells Fargo is not satisfied. They want us to pay the back mortgage of $200K even when we qualified at 31% to put the back mortgages at the back of the loan. They don't have to give the loan mods and they have no intentions of ever approving one for us even if we qualify. Wells Fargo is not made accountable for their actions. We have been contacted by Chad Pratt's office regarding this Mass Tort Case they have going and want to know if this is legitimate. Anyone out there know?
Oct 31, 2012 18:41
If there is a mass tort case – let me know because I am on board. Filed my loan modification papers with Wells Fargo and after months go by they lost them and my contact person never returned phone calls. I reapplied and did every thing they asked, but got the same answer most get – is you don't make enough money. Well dugh – that is why I am applying for a modification so my payments are more affordable because I have lost income and cant afford the current payment. Had me write a hard ship letter – explained to them I am a single mom of 3 – 2 of which are special needs and I was diagnosed with cancer. They have foreclosed on our home of 14 years and we only have 3 months of the redemption period left. They are corrupt. Why have a loan modification program out there if they are not obligated to use it? I cant stop crying. If the diagnosis wasn't enough, they have to come and steal my children's home too.
Tammie Madison
Nov 9, 2012 18:46
Hi. I have been fighting wellsfargo in texas for a year now. They paid taxes on property they weren't even serving and applied it to my current mortgage causing me to get behind. When I tried to get a loan modification I told them about it and I was told it didn't matter. I finally got through to the tax department and they cleaned it up real quick but I still didn't have my loan fixed. After calling them repeatedly and not getting a return call I got a lawyer. While they were working on the loan modification Wellsfargo had foreclosed and sold my property to Feddie mac. They made another mistake of forclosing and selling the other propert that they have no right to. I have a lawsuit and my lawyer is a foreclosure lawyer so she is not equipe to advise me. Wellsfargo has admitted these mistakes and will give me back myproperty if I accept paying 14,000 worth of their fees for the last year. I want my property back with no fee's and my credit cleaned. I also want damages like lawyers fee. Can anyone help me? My lawyer told me to seek advise.
Nov 11, 2012 18:55
WOW!! I too am a victim of WF. My husband lost his job in Feb. and we contacted WF in March for help. The only thing they offered us was a forebearance agreement. 40% reduction in payments for 6 months. What they didn't tell us and it was NOT in anything we signed, the balloon payment at the end of those 6 months. At 5 months the collection calls started. I'm thinking "we're not behind, we have made every payment on time according to the agreement". In the mean time, I tried to get refinanced. Denied twice because WF was showing us late. Contacted my congressman, put in touch with Amy Warren of WF executive complaint department. There was an investigation and it appeared that WF sided with us. But we still can't get refinancing. Was going to do a loan mod, but after reading all this, I'm not so sure. I did, however, contact an attorney who said he could help us, for $3200. If I had that kind of money, I would bring my loan current. I owe $3300. I would love to sue the pants off WF!! I even asked that attorney if this was an ethics violation…he said he was sure it was in there somewhere…NO, it wasn't! Any advice? Any help? Do we try a modification? Go with an attorney? If there is an attorney to take this on, I want to be part of that lawsuit. My prayers to all of us that WF has screwed over.
Nov 26, 2012 12:59
I have been in the same nightmare with Wells Fargo, trying to get a modification for the past year and no luck.
I faxed paperwork several times to be exact three times and everytime they don't get it or is incomplete or is never received. Wells Fargo closes your case when they want, they don't answer your calls or emails. At this point I'm so frustrated that I'm doing a short sale on my home because WF doesn't want to help. They are selling my home to another person instead of working with me. All teh bank wants is to double dip on the sell. They are not to help just to kik people out of their home without remorse of anything. WF is not helping people at all.
Dave Turner
Nov 28, 2012 18:13
My house is in Las Vegas. I moved to Denver about 18 months ago. At the advice of Wells Fargo I started the "Loan Modification" process to lower my payments so that I could try to keep my Vegas house.
My story goes just like the stories above. Most recently, I got the "actual" Loan Modification Documents, and I have signed and sent back 4 times already, but each time, something is wrong. This last time, my notory stamped too close to the margin. I'm clearly feeling scammed at this point. The instructions are rediculously unclear so there is no doubt, they'll always find something, of course, until they foreclose on me again. I've already paid for a lawyer for other circus acts they made me do and have fought off 3 or 4 BS sales dates.
Anyways…I'm fed up and want to fight and need help from a lawyer to sue or whatever the hect I can do at this point.
Nov 30, 2012 22:53
I have been in the same nightmare with Wells Fargo, trying to get a modification for the past year and no luck. any Help
Dec 17, 2012 17:03
I have attempted to initiate a modification on my home mortage from Wells Fargo. They have sent me COUNTLESS letters by FedEx, numerous phone calls, using the verbiage, "attempt to collect a debt", etc. etc. Wells Fargo has assigned a "home preservation specialist" , Michael Oldes who now DOES NOT return my phone calls; I am getting letters from the ATLANTIC LAW GROUP, LLC, who tell me that I owe $13, 214.92 by JANUARY 7, 2013, which HAS NOT EVEN ARRIVED!!
In an attempt to avoid the prospect of foreclosure I have sent checks to Wells Fargo, they returned the checks and state that ALL ARREARAGES have to paid by certified funds, no partial payments will be accepted. The ALG letters states, "Failure to cure the default by January 9, 2013 may result in the acceleration of all sums due under the Security Instrument. This means the entire unpaid balance ($350,000) will become due".
I am 69 yrs. of age, retired from federal gov't. in a single family home in northeast Wash., D.C. I receive $3342.00 monthly from my federal annuity and social security benefit COMBINED. Is there any recourse that I have under the government's HAMP program?? Do I have any recourse against Wells Fargo?? Where can I get assistance?? I don't want to lose my home, but it appears that Wells Fargo has accelerated the foreclosure process and I cannot seem to get a LIVE PERSON to speak with me having faxed and called my "home preservation specialist". Would you direct me to any possible recourse with respect to a modification? Thank you.
Jan 18, 2013 9:08
I'm currently a resident of MD, I came upon the article regarding the mistreatment of 2 home owners in Mass not being properly Modified under the Home Mortification program via Wells Fargo. I was dealt a similar hand here in MD by Wells Fargo. I went thru the Modification set up @10/09, applied, I was guaranteed by the person i was dealing with that I would be modified, I was told they would need to auto withdraw 3 months of mortgage over 3 months as part of the conditions to apply. I went thru all the procedures and was denied the modification, even though I was told, documented with my notes, they couldn't guarantee the new rates but I would be modified.To add insult to injury they sent me a note and statement stating I was six months behind not 3 because while I was being modified the late fees became due during the modification process. I reapplied 6 months later and was told I needed to have my deceased wife's name removed from title and that is the only way I could reapply, even though the first modification was done when my wife was deceased for over 2 years. I had her name removed, applied and was modified, With A Higher Monthly Payment. These people were outrageous and I always wondered how they got away with this, especially telling me to apply with my deceased wife's name on title. The foreclosure process is finally coming into play and I'm moving to Cape Cod. I'm happy that people are fighting back.
I was never late on a payment on a mortgage in over 25 years until my wife passed and after 2 years of trying to make up her income was unsuccessful.
I also found out that the Quicken Loans people who originated the Mortgage in question had a representative stating paper work was signed here in MD to find out the person was somehow in Ohio or some place. I'm appreciative of the attorneys listed here who are fighting back and truly saddened to find so many suffering at the hands of the greed and callousness of this bank.
Jan 22, 2013 13:50
I have been going through the modification process for about 7 months now. I have had about 5 different representatives now. The last one was a joke! He was asking for paperwork that was not required by the program. I have submitted paperwork 5 times now. I qapproached it the same way as everyone here has, brought up the fact that for 12 years never late on a payment. I was told "that's all water under the bridge now." Timely payments mean nothing. The latest trend is the investors comming from the loan companies and realty companies buying up the properties at low prices and turning them for a profit. The mortgage company can sell it for a loss because they are guaranteed by the govenment to get the difference. So, in short, we are paying them to do this. There is no loss on their part. Makes me sick! Another thing that makes me sick is the post from loan companies on here. Nothing is sacred to these guys.
Jan 31, 2013 12:51
My girlfriend has gone through the loan modification process with Wells fargo a couple of times, they have offered modifications however, not a substantial modification, between $60 and $100 less, which is not sufficient as wellsfargo's loan modification documentation states that after modification and me meeting all of the prerequisites and requirement of the modification process that, the payment should be in the range of 30% of her income. Her payment is roughly $1560.00 a month, that is, $60.00 more than what it was before she started the loan modification trial period. So, it went up when she started the process. Moreover, Wells fargo has offered, as i stated earlier, a slight reduction/ modification but, she keeps refusing their offer and resubmitting, hoping they will comply with their own rules of modifying loans so that payment will fall within 30% of her income. This last refusal resulted in the modification specialist sending her a letter saying that " She can no longer help her and that she will start to receive calls from the wells fargo collection department". Please help! She was expecting a payment modification that would result in a payment around $900.00-$1200.00 which is basically close to 30% of her monthly income. They are basically threatening to foreclose on her home
Linda Strum
Feb 5, 2013 20:12
My husband and I went through the same hell these people did, I'll spare the blow by blow events. The outcome – lost our home, they sold it 2 months after the foreclosure for $25,000. less than the short sale estimate we got. We lost everything including my husbands VA benefit (first time we used it). The ordeal went on for 14 months and as a result I developed Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, which has rendered me unable to work, manage our finances or even able to do housework for more than an hour. Sometimes I have what I call a crash and can do nothing. Meanwhile Wells Fargo continues to play by their own rules while no one is really interested in holding them truly and consistently accountable. So many families gravely hurt, will we ever know how many they continue to hurt – don't think so.
Jeremy Holmes
Feb 6, 2013 22:07
These people are the biggest fraud scumbags in America! I've been cooperating for over 2 years. They have lost my files countless times, I've been shuffled around, lied to and basically broken down mentally to the point of giving up! Derek Pearson and Kody Blake are the main people I dealt with. Horrible communication, horrible ability to do a proper job and deliver the facts. My local congressman's office got a guy with half a brain to call me back and explain some of the facts, but bottom line, no modification even though I was "pre qualified" and provided documents of 20% pay cut!!! I hate these ruthless bastards! Its not their fault I got in trouble, but they could help. These banks have fired/laid off all the qualified personal and we are left to deal with $9 an hour employees who should be pumping gas or cashiers at Walmart.!!! I cant wait for them to see a bankruptcy from my attorney! They will inherit a shell of a home if it comes to it…I will even take the wood off the floors!
Donald Langlois
Feb 12, 2013 14:36
WE have been in a law suit against Wells Fargo for more than 3 years. The courts do NOT want to see these cases and will not for any reason allow them to go to court. How can this be. Do we not have rights against companies like Wells Fargo that steels our homes? We have 200 LBs of documents prooving what Wells Fargo has done. In fact all the documentation is Wells Fargos. They did modify our note 3 years ago. Only to find out the modification was a falseified document. It even has a false loan number on it.
How can they do this and be allowed to get away with this. I know if I made a false document I would most likely be in jail. So why is Wells Fargo allowed to do this. What the hell is wrong with our system of law.
We are at the end of our ropes. Not sure what will happen next. But I will never let Wells Fargo take my home. I will die defending my home at any cost, even my life. I believe this is what it will take. I do not believe even CNN would run a story like this. Unless death is involved. Then it would end up being a story about Guns and not a story about having the right to protect our home. How can our law makers stand by and do nothing. Nothing at all. We even wrote a letter to Obama with NO results what so ever. Texas attorny general does not return phone calls or even responds in any way to letters we have sent. What the hell is going on here.
We have all the taped conversations with Wells Fargo showing their intent to defraud. WE have the documentation to prove we have made every payment on time. And they would never show us being current. They have ruined our credit to the point I could not buy Gum on credit. And the modification they gave us increased our payment by $800 a month. And still at 8.75 interest. How the hell can they do that and still sleep at night. How can the Judges sleep at night that allow this kind of abuse to go on.
Something stinks here folks. The banks are in the largest land grab in the history of our Country, and nothing is being done about it.
jersey city
Feb 23, 2013 21:55
I recommend to all to try this site NACA.COM call them and they can help.
Mar 2, 2013 17:44
I am curious. I was accepted into Wells Fargo UMP program months ago after realizing it may be a while before I regain employment in my line of work. Found some documents showing that there has been millions paid out in CA alone for this UMP program so how could the banks be receiving the money in aid from the treasury and then still be coming after the consumer for the back owed monies and late fees? They are asking for 18K. I am now re-employed in same work but instead of 100,000/yr having restarted with a new employer am at like approx 50 to 65k/yr currently and am seeking to roll all together and new payment or PRP (principal Reduction Program) which WF became enrolled into in Nov 2012. My newest concern is after looking at some of this information here it looks like the majority of denials is stated as the applicants denying assistance and that is either not submitting paperwork or opting out, I am currently providing all paperwork requested directly to my home preservation specialist face to face, hand to hand, yet I recieved a letter saying they carefully reviewed my information I have sent in and they have explored a number of mortgage assistance programs and here's what they have found, after their review "I withdrew my request for mortgage assistance after initially requesting being considered for assistance." Hmmm? I contacted my preservation specialist immediately and she assures me it is because we ended the UMP program is all and it has nothing to do with the current activities. Hmmm? I am still skeptical and will be documenting all actions from here on. Being back to work and having an average income of $3,000/mo currently and my dues including my mortgage past payment of 1650/mo of around $ I should not have any problem for a trial program. If I start having issues I definately will be wanting to be a participant in a lawsuit. I will be staying in touch.
Pleases give me a reply to how they get treasury money for helping unemployed UMP program and then still go after the consumer for back owed money? isn't the money there for to help the consumer?
Thanks, Robert
Mar 18, 2013 19:54
i been trying to work with wells fargo for last 8 month to get some/ any kind of help.. but they just give you run around. They say fax this and that repeatly and then they say its not complete, refax, then they didnt get it. then the call you 6 times in 1 day from collection dept. Also people you talk to have no idea of their job , they are inexperience. the hang up phone on you ,, you ask for a supervisor none available.. this operation is set up to foreclose home. wells fargo is not willing to help anyone
Emily Overcash
Mar 21, 2013 8:07
My husband and I went through a wells modification over a year ago. The process was like having a full-time job. It is something you have to be willing to do every single day. The process itself took over a year. Although we had to fax countless documents and sign books of paperwork, we finally finished the process and had our loan permantly modified. You must be extremely dedicated if you decide to apply for the loan modification!!!
May 21, 2013 16:32
Same as above, with all the nightmares. I was Modifying with Wells Fargo and i sent all the documents back via Fedex and they told me the fedex was empty?? meanwhile, it weighed over a pound. After, sending new paperwork and being at the end of the process. they got an appraisal and then they told me my loan was sold to BSI fianancial. They, have been doing much of the same i was approved and made my trail payments then they said they made a mistake and keep hirting my amount so, i won' be able to afford it. during all this, I was diagnosed with Breast cAncer and BSI knows this. they have caused me so much stress and duress during this time. I am trying to contact a class action lawsuit attorney. i know i have a great case, i am in Ma, if anyone has had similar ossues please respon. thank you.
Abdelkhalek Elhadiri
Sep 27, 2013 7:27
Wells Fargo And ASC Dilema,
Since 2010 I have been trying to do a loan modification, and everytime they say either I missing documents or my paperwork is lost.. On purpose that's their business practice and that's how they make their money from late fees.
They sold my toxic morgage ,after I became delinquent , to Bank of America, who is now forclosing on me.
My attorney request a mortgage audit, That's the best $600 I spent.They found:Respa, Tila and mortgage securitization frauds.
On a separate note, I need to file a lawsuit against wells fargo and America servicing for putting me in this mess in the first place by falsifying my income so that I could get approved, inflating the appraisal, equity stripping ….etc
Any lawyers in the house????

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