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by Kelly L. Hansen

I came across this letter from a homeowner the other day.  The letter was written a while ago, however, the meaning won't be lost on those of you who are still fighting for your homes.

I am publishing it again, today, because it sounds like foreclosure filings are increasing.  I believe we are in for the next waive of foreclosures. Please do not lose heart.  There will always be, I believe, people employed by the big banks who will be willing to help homeowners.  Good advocates will know who those people are.

This letter has motivated me through some difficult times.  I come back to it, and remember, God is always working.  He works good for those who love him.  His will is not always our own.  Sometimes that is hard to accept.  But remember, there are many more advocates now who work to assist homeowners in saving their homes.  We understand what you are going through.  We know your heart is breaking.
Hi Kelly,Where do I start? I read your letter to my family tonight (taking a deep breath with every new sentence) Thank you! And yes, you can post any, and all of my stories. We're in this together.
The blog you posted saved our future! The key to ASC success was dealing with one individual, and after sending emails to Wells Fargo's President, VP, And CFO, I had a response in four days from ASC! My wife was the one who took the call that morning while I was out dropping off the kids at school, and when she called me on the road with the news which was:"We are calling you from the executive department of ASC, and are very sorry you have had to go through this, we are assigning you to an individual who is going to get things straight, and it doesn't get higher than this", I could not believe what I was hearing, something that we worked months on with nothing but confusion, misunderstandings, three months delinquent, then all of the sudden...this? It was like seeing 911 all over again, I don't believe what I'm seeing, and hearing!
I wept behind the wheel to the point of almost having to pull over, but continued driving because I needed to get home to my wife and hear it again in detail. As I walked through the door, I saw this look of disbelief in her eyes mixed with a joy I have not seen for a long, long time. When I sent those emails out, I never thought a reply was coming, but something happened. In the subject line of those emails read "Why do you want my home?" I proceeded to explain the 100's of horror stories written by ASC victims, and how they all sounded alike, as did mine. The one question they had to ask when contacting my wife that morning was "how did he get that email information?", and my wife's reply was "you can get almost anything off the internet these days", which is how I found you Kelly.
All I did was Google "ASC Complaints", and OMG, there you were, along with more than I could handle. Fox Television even contacted me based on a blog I submitted, and had been getting so many calls, yet mine stood out, and wanted to do a live interview with me at my home, but I had to decline, for that was the day we were to get the news on the Special Forbearance Option that was about to be put into motion. We got the forbearance, yet within a week, ASC called back, and based on a plan I suggested they use, was submitted to the investor, and they approved it three months ahead of schedule.
All of the delinquent payments were then rolled back into the loan, interest reduced, payments reduced, and the rest goes into the history books. I've got you to thank for this Kelly, and I have passed this info to others whom have contacted me, and told me that they are starting to move forward in a positive way. ASC has also told me that the plan I suggested they implement for us, will now be used in other situations. A plan that has never been used before. I'm a Realtor, suffering like everyone else, yet WAMU agreed to a loan mod on another property that I own, and worked so well, I had to tell ASC where they were falling short, and how this plan could make it a win, win situation for the both of us. 3% year one, 4.5%, year two, 5.7%, year three, and every year thereafter.
So there you go. It's snowballing, and God used you, as he has used me to help those who are at a total loss as to who to trust, and which direction to go. I still look back on that morning when I got that call from my wife, and immediately thought of you. I saved your blog in Microsoft word, and was able to retrieve it. I needed to say thank you over and over again. I'm a firm believer that when you do good for others, good comes back to you. You're a God send Kelly, and I owe so very much to you for what you have taught me. If not for that information I just happened to stumble across that day while on a last chance mission, our home would now be gone. A million hugs and kisses to you my dear, you to are a totally awesome person!
A wonderful Christmas to you and yours!
I believe in miracles Kelly, and whether you know it or not, God appointed you as my guardian Angel!
Warmest regards,
Jeff Taylor
See?  Jeff was really proactive, and helped himself in presenting a payback plan. Awesome idea.  The lender new he was very serious, and capable, of saving his home.

Be happy, healthy and prosperous, but most of all, be good.  *~^o^~ cheer
Kelly L. Hansen
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