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EDITOR’S NOTE: His anger is understandable. And he’s disappointed with the way things are going in the courts, in policy making and in the courts. And he’s right, up to a point.
This Blog has been dedicated to the proposition that the truth will set us free from the slavery of debt that was foisted upon us by unscrupulous bankers who were able to deliver money into the hands of people using the money of other people. He wants a form of justice that is unreachable, though, and if we are truly after the truth, then there are some things that we must acknowledge.
The Banks would have us believe that most of the problem is that the borrowers bought homes they couldn’t afford, that speculators committed fraud, and that still others committed fraud in a smaller scope and in a smaller sense.
The Banks are wrong and they know it, and now we all know that the Banks caused this economic and societal disaster with reckless disregard for the consequences of their actions. Their position is both morally and legally indefensible. They released the money of investors knowing full well that the lives of both the investors (pension funds etc.) and the lives of borrowers would be ruined by crushing debt that could not be paid in a single lifetime.
However, that doesn’t mean that there were not instances in which the borrowers did buy a house they could not afford and more importantly that they can’t afford now unless it is just given to them for free. Thanks to the banks’ skulduggery, that result may yet happen anyway in a form of collateral benefit, as opposed to the collateral damage that occurs when predators take aim at questionable targets.
The paperwork is all rotten to the core and the wrong people are foreclosing. They are pretenders and so the result in court might well be the house won’t end up subject to any lien. That makes the obligation of the borrower unsecured and it also means it can be discharged in bankruptcy —- but the catch is that if they got the house for free and the right creditor comes up with the right paperwork, they will owe the money and the assets in bankruptcy will include the value of the home.
For the few homeowners who came to own a home that they cannot afford at any price, some allowance must be made for them — including allowing them to rent with an option to buy. The truth is that some people do not have the resources to pay anything —- even the utilities on a home much larger than their budget will permit. If we are going to hold the Banks’ feet to the fire on the issue of truth, we must apply it to ourselves as well.
My regrets to Spitfire who is feeling betrayed and angry and justifiably  vindictive. Yet when I say that we must be practical and not ideological, that applies to all parties, not just the banks and their myriad of layers of conduits that pretended to be aggregators or originators of loans, sellers of bonds or traders in exotic securities to hide their obscene profits.
Submitted by Spitfire on 2011/10/12 at 2:52 pm
Hard to believe that I read this post on Neil Garfileds site. This “paper” alludes to a “new currency” being issued to rectify the devaluation of the dollar and to “write down” these securitized fraudulent mortgages or allow the home OWNERs to rent it back with a scant promise of the “possibility” of owning it again ~ when in reality THEY STILL DO AND ALWAYS HAVE, as they are THE ONLY ONES WITH A VESTED INTEREST IN THAT PROPERTY OTHER THAN THE INVESTORS THAT WERE SCAMMED ALONGSIDE THEM AND THAT CANNOT OR WILL NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP.
This whole article echoes bank sympathies as well as a hint at bringing in the long awaited Amero currency between all three countries linked through the Rick Perry supported trans Texas corrider. Which in and of itself is a NWO agenda, not to mention the whole supposition that we somehow still owe these parasitic bankers ANYTHING OR ANY MONEY ~ whether it be in dollars, euros or their long awaited and much coveted Amero.
We stopped owing them the MINUTE they took our largest asset, our home, and traded that asset as a stock. They bifurcated and clouded our titles so that we can never sell that property unless we spend the thousands of dollars it will require to Quiet our Titles. We stopped owing them ANYTHING when they deliberately set out to destroy all vestages of a strong economy with their financial “WMD’s” (weapons of mass destruction) that killed hundreds of job sectors like real estate agents and brokers, property inspectors, appraisers, property investors, etc..etc.. Weapons that they paid Yale & Harvard finance and business scholars to design so that no ordinary person would ever know what they were signing or what powers they were embuing these entities with, or themselves losing.
This is not a banking scandal ~ this is OUT AND OUT WAR. It started with the weapons of mass destruction called securitized assets and REMIC’s and mortgage derivatives, and now it continues with psychological warfare on all the homeowners whose lives are tied up and entangled in the day to dayness of having to wonder what to do next to keep these vultures from descending upon them and depriving them of thier life’s blood, sweat and efforts with the stroke of a key and and a pen, and thereby evicting them from their homes. It continues when the supposed “Justice System” is so corrupted that no matter how much evidence is presented they still side with the bankers. It is a non stop onslaught of financial and psychological warfare. WHEN DO WE WAKE UP AND CALL THIS WHAT IT REALLY IS???
It makes me want to scream when I read crap like this. What reality are they living in???? I live in the reality that a lie is a lie is a lie and a thief will always be looking for ways to steal from you. And until we all unite collectively and stop accepting these piece-meal solutions that seem to ALWAYS leave the PTB still in power, then we are truly doomed to lead our lives like the sheeple they love to call us and compare us to.
When we all wake up ~ and I belive we will ~ we will insist with strength, clarity and in unison ~ that we are no longer their slaves. We are a free people and that freedom cannot be dictated by ANY government or ANY banking cartel. And our inherent freedom which comes from simply BEING also includes the right to OWN our own property and land that we have earned with our own sweat and labor and TIME. And NO MAN or ENTITY can take this freedom away from us unless we ALLOW it and VOLUNTARILY give our permission for them to strip us of that right.
Which is EXACTLY why we have PROPERTY TAXES and INCOME taxes. BECAUSE WE ALLOWED IT. Now is the time to stay our course and demand that these RIGHTS be ACKNOWLEDGED, RESTORED, OBSERVED AND PROTECTED. And this all starts with me & you, right now. Each and every one of us has a duty to stand up and rightfully demand that those entities that would propose to continually interfere in our G-d given rights, be dismantled, abolished and where criminal charges are appropriate, imprisoned.
Enough is enough…..

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